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“The Lawyer as Leader” Reaches Two Years of Success

Artika Tyner Posted by Artika Tyner, Author, Professor.

Public Policy Professor and Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the University of St. Thomas, Leadership Author, Civil Rights Attorney

“The Lawyer as Leader” Reaches Two Years of Success


Dr. Artika R. Tyner’s award-winning book The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice provides those who are passionate about social justice with the inspiration, ideas, and tools to build and lead coalitions to fight for social and economic justice.

The Lawyer as Leader has received numerous awards since its debut. It received the Reader Views Choice Award for best nonfiction and won first place in the  “societal issues” category.  It was a finalist for the USA Best Book award as well as was twice awarded the Amazon Number One Best Seller in Housing and Urban Development. According to Kirkus Review, “for anyone entering the world of law, this is a crucial read that offers a powerful message about effecting positive social change.”

It has garnered high praise from readers across sectors which includes educators, students, lawyers, business executives, and nonprofit leaders. “The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice is a very powerful read – inspiring, empowering, motivating, immediately useful and applicable across business sectors and professions.  This book addresses what leaders today and in the future can employ to develop others as well as develop his/her self.  A must-read for anyone passionate about promoting social change!” Debra A. Lindh, Ed.D. President and Founder, Mindful Effect, LLC.

The Lawyer as Leader is an inspiring roadmap designed to help community members become effective agents for social change and transformational leaders. This happens through Dr. Tyner’s theory of “Planting People, Growing Justice” which empowers people around the world to plant seeds of social change in order to create new inroads to justice and freedom.

We are grateful to Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute (PPGJ) supporters for their enthusiasm about The Lawyer as Leader and excited that thousands around the world are learning about our work. We hope you will order a copy of the book and join our mailing list for news & updates about how we are planting seeds of social change. We also encourage you to take action by joining the #LeadershipforSocialJustice campaign.

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