The People Have Spoken: Results from Last Month’s Survey

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Bill Treasurer is founder and Chief Encourager at Giant Leap Consulting (GLC), a Courage Building company that helps people and organizations live more courageously. Bill is the author of numerous books on leadership and courage.

The People Have Spoken: Results from Last Month’s Survey

In last month’s edition of the newsletter, I sent a survey to get your improvement ideas. I want to thank everyone who participated for their thoughtful input. We create these newsletters for you, and I am thrilled to have such valuable feedback moving forward.

Below are some takeaways from the survey, as well as some actions that we are committing to in order to better meet your needs:

  • Almost all survey participants agreed upon the need for briefer, more practical points that can be read quickly and on-the-go. Specifically, many readers are interested in succinct leadership tips that offer practical solutions to everyday problems and situations. Going forward, you can expect these tips to be a more prominent part of the newsletter, and I look forward to hearing how you apply them!
  • I was also thrilled to receive a number of specific requests for content! One reader would like advice on “how to wage guerrilla warfare against a culture that’s too afraid to make decisions.” Courageous leadership is always necessary for organizational success but, as this reader points out, today’s world is increasingly squeamish about taking action. I look forward to addressing this confusing situation that so many of us can relate to!
  • Another good question was: “If no one has had Courageous Leadership training but me, what are tips to help change the culture to be more courageous, direct, straightforward, etc.?” As we know, it’s much more difficult to ignite change in others than in ourselves, especially when the “others” are lacking in certain aspects of their education or training. Questions like these are fuel for our newsletter fire—please email us with any questions that you may have and we will do our best to address them!
  • In addition to requests for content, we did also receive some feedback about how we can do better — which was really the point of this survey. The consensus seems to relate back to the desire for more brevity and conciseness. As one reader summed it up, “Be more real, be brief. Get to the point!”

The last thing we want to do is bog you down with another long-winded email that will quickly be re-directed to the trash! The bottom line is, starting today, you can expect a shorter, to-the-point newsletter with valuable leadership tips that addresses your questions and concerns.

Thank you so much to all of our newsletter subscribers, with a special tip of the hat to those who participated in the survey. We look forward to making changes and improvements that will help you be a better, more courageous leader each day.

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