20 Ways to Be a Generous Blogger

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20 Ways to Be a Generous Blogger

The generous blogger . . .

  1. Sees her blog as a way to serve.
  2. Commits to sharing her gifts and talents through her blog regularly.
  3. Writes posts that are of service to her reader.
  4. Uses her blog stats to figure out how she can create more posts of value for her reader.
  5. Writes posts that make her heart sing.
  6. Is mindful of her time online.
  7. Is mindful of her reader’s time online.
  8. Reads other blogs as often as she would like to be read.
  9. Loves her blog just as it is, and doesn’t compare it with other blogs.
  10. Is grateful for her readers no matter how many, or few there are.
  11. Appreciates other blogs as they are, and doesn’t judge.
  12. Mentors new bloggers.
  13. Practices “link love” weekly.
  14. Leaves love notes in other blogs’ comments.
  15. Shines a spotlight on other people’s work through interviews, profiles, guest posts, and mentions.
  16. Writes about others as she would like to be written about.
  17. Makes it easy for readers to subscribe to her blog.
  18. Makes it easy for readers to share her posts with other people who might need them.
  19. Understands that marketing is also a form of service. It helps people who need her blog to find it.
  20. Knows how much to give, to receive, and to keep for herself.

What do you think it means to be a generous blogger? Why is (or isn’t) it important to be generous online?

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This post originally appeared on my first blog, Have Fun, Do Good, in 2011.