Little steps over time = big leaps

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Little steps over time = big leaps

This is my friend Jennifer Moore in her new fabric store, Monaluna, in Walnut Creek, CA.

Over the past ten years I have watched her take big vision after big vision and make them happen:

  • Vision: design my own organic cotton fabrics
  • Vision: sell my fabrics online
  • Vision: sell my fabrics wholesale
  • Vision: reach broader markets
  • Vision: have an office outside of my home
  • Vision: hire staff
  • Vision: open a brick and mortar store

Each vision required a lot of hard work and a leap of faith, but she did it time after time.

When you’re feeling like you might never reach your big vision, remember my friend Jen.

All the small steps she took over the years led to medium steps, which led to big leaps, which led her to achieve her big visions.

You can do it too!