Creative writing is a most prominent method to make writing popular today.

Creative writing is a most prominent method to make writing popular today. Sometimes, it doesn’t come and to get started, it is more like a chore now.  There is actually a lot of debate around the writing styles among people across the world. Traditional style is very convincing for some people. It enables them to make their own identity through their masterpieces of writing. There are many modern writers, who have achieved a lot of success with their new style of writing. It is convincing as they use the colloquial languages to create their own phrases.  The modern style of writing is more effective and a perfect way to win the hearts of youth audience.

What is the basic difference between traditional and modern writing styles?

  • Traditional style is more formal than the modern style. But, it is more artistic and can present any article or any piece of writing in a royal way.
  • Modern language is quite informal as we talk today in our contemporary society or groups. The presentation style of the modern language is quite friendlier.
  • Traditional style is more descriptive than the modern one. We are now living in a completely different era. Thus, we don’t have much time to read a complete artistic writing to gather any information. But, we gain most of the information by a click on an electronic device. This information overloaded in the contemporary platform can have access to anyone. So, most of the articles are the summery manuscripts, where the vast writing data synthesized into a small conclusion.
  • The traditional style of writing concerned about the creativity and art of writing. The Modern writing style is data oriented. Modern writing based on research. Hence, it is more accurate than the traditional way.
  • In the modern language, quotations, references, and examples are very much persuasive.  The ancient style depends more on coherent logical arguments but less the statistics.

Which one is better?

There might be a bundle of arguments on this issue when it comes to what style to select to get more praises from the audience. It is better to combine both the styles to make a stunning success in your writing.  

Writers who are fond of modern language use short paragraphs and sentences.

Shorter paragraphing and sentences are easy to read and understand for the readers. But, there is also a drawback of it, because it interpreted so faster and nothing stays in the reader's mind. If you are trying to build a semblance of the mystery or want to create a perfect character with your creative writing, it can be the foremost downer for you. Thus, you need to combine your modern style of writing with the traditional one, which is more creative and artistic.

The modern writing style, at times, counted as the plain style. This style is pervasive in the nonfiction writing. Modern novelists also employ the modern writing style when they wish to make their narration transparent. Modern style is very much tech-friendly whilst the traditional style is more imaginative and perfect for all time. So, it is better to combine both writing styles to create your unique writing style.