How Leaders Can Manage Org Stability to Inspire Loyalty

Crystal Kadakia Posted by Crystal Kadakia, HR Consultant, Owner, Invati Consulting.

Millennials have a bad rap for being an entitled, job-hopping generation.

Millennials have a bad rap for being an entitled, job-hopping generation. Is it possible that companies are behaving as though they are entitled to loyalty they no longer deserve – from any generation? Inspired by an article written by Dr. Maria Gottschalk on the connection between engagement and organizational stability, I explored the idea of loyalty and organizational stability with my network. Upon sharing Dr. Gottschalk’s article, I received over 400 shares and several comments. The highlight? All generations have found something they can agree on: employee loyalty has decreased because of unstable, profit-focused companies. Employee engagement is generally a vague, fuzzy subject without clear metrics, creating a challenge when attempting to gain investment for related initiatives. Dr. Gottschalk argues that we should be measuring organizational stability as one of the measures for employee engagement. I’d like to take the thought one step further and look at the connection between loyalty and org stability. It’s well known that turnover is costly. Intuitively, it’s easier to connect increased loyalty to decreased turnover in comparison to increased engagement. The old adage that employees leave managers, not companies is based on an old assumption: that companies are stable forces and managers are the […]