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Sungevity Recertified As A Benefit “B” Corporation For The 4th Consecutive Term

Danny Kennedy Posted by Danny Kennedy.

Danny is a global authority on environmental issues and a successful clean-tech entrepreneur.

Sungevity Recertified As A Benefit “B” Corporation For The 4th Consecutive Term

For the fourth time, Sungevity has received certification as a Benefit “B” Corporation for meeting rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Too many businesses seek profit without considering the impact their business practices are having on people and the environment. Sungevity is part of the B Corporation community to change that definition of success, and because we believe that improving the process of going solar provides a critical service to the community. As a B Corp, we incorporate the three pillars of sustainability into our bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

As we state on our B Corp profile:

Sungevity is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible solar installation in order to combat the changing climate as well as contribute to the rising clean energy economy as a community.

  • Sungevity’s mission is to increase the amount of solar installed on Earth 700-fold before 2054 in order to meet the challenge of global warming by constantly making it easier and more affordable.

  • They aim to not only scale a pure solution to climate change, but, create new green-collar jobs and economic development opportunities in the clean energy economy.

  • By creating and spreading “sunshine online,” Sungevity aims to build communities across the globe that are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and moving forward to a clean energy economy.

Sungevity became a founding B Corp in December 2007 and has consistently placed on “Best of” B Corps lists since then, being recognized as Best for the World in 2012 and 2013. Sungevity is the only solar company in the top 10 PV leaderboard that is also a certified B Corp.

More than one thousand corporations have been certified as B Corporations since B Lab’s founding in 2007. Another B Corp, Taitem Engineering, is one of Sungevity’s Preferred Installers and serves upstate New York. Mosaic, a B Corp located in Oakland, California partnered with Sungevity to bring affordable solar solutions to North Carolina. To learn more about the B Corporation community, visit www.bcorporation.net.