Predictive Evaluation as a value-added pursuit

David Basarab Posted by David Basarab.

Dave is the founder of Dave Basarab Consulting, V.A.L.E. Consulting, LLC and co-founder of The Learning Burst Academy. He is also the author of The Training Evaluation Process and Predictive Evaluation.

Predictive Evaluation as a value-added pursuit

What makes PE different?

Predictive Evaluation (PE) is the only training evaluation approach that adds the element of forecasting (prediction). Using the PE Model companies can successfully predict training’s results, value, intention, adoption and impact, allowing them to make smarter, more strategic training and evaluation investments.

The Predictive Evaluation Model is a practical step-by-step training evaluation process – it’s unique because it: adds the element of prediction to training evaluations. Requires student participation, making associates feel invested and engaged throughout the process. Provides recommendations for continuous improvement. Predicts the quantifiable impact of training to forecast training investments, results, and ROI. While performing all the traditional training evaluation activities.

How PE Differs from Other Approaches

PE 1

PE 2

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