Sometime we do make a difference

David Basarab Posted by David Basarab.

Dave is the founder of Dave Basarab Consulting, V.A.L.E. Consulting, LLC and co-founder of The Learning Burst Academy. He is also the author of The Training Evaluation Process and Predictive Evaluation.

Sometime we do make a difference

Sandi Brown, Dave Basarab, and Denise Traicoff

Last night I had the honor of speaking at the ISPI Atlanta chapter with Denise Traicoff from the Centers for Disease Control.  I did my usual speech on my Predictive Evaluation Model (PE) and Denise followed on how she and her team had implemented PE on one of their programs. She told the story of how her team had been given the assignment to teach leadership & management skills to groups of volunteers from around the world to go in a eradicate polio in countries.  It was a compelling story that kept all in attendance transfixed on her talk.

She shared how on her flight to the World Health Organization to begin the needs analysis she was reading my book.  She thought that due to nature of her course “the world deserved more than just happy sheets”.  As she read, she got more and more excited about PE and shared that the could provide more rigor to her course measurement.  What made me proud was that she implemented Intention and Adoption evaluation from just reading the book.  What ever author wants.

Denise and her team, including Sandi Brown (pictured), have now successfully implemented PE on three sessions and will continue to use it.  But PE is not the story here.  It is Denise and her team – what they have done.  Even more fun, was that last night was the first time we had met face-to-face even though we both live in Atlanta. I am honored to be associated with these talented people.  So in a small way sometime we do make a difference.  I had my moment last night.  Thank you so much Denise.