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AIM2FLOURISH by Roberta Baskin

David Cooperrider Posted by David Cooperrider.

David L. Cooperrider, Ph.D. is professor and chair of the Program on Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western University. In 1987 Dr. Cooperrider and Dr. Suresh Srivastva published the original, foundation theory of AI in an article that has reverberated and changed the field of organizational development.

AIM2FLOURISH by Roberta Baskin

Epiphany is defined as a “sudden and striking realization.” But it doesn’t work that way with me. My epiphanies sometimes simmer gently for years, particularly one that emerged in the aftermath of a class I took on Appreciative Inquiry, taught by its guru, Professor David Cooperrider. Because I was a journalist long outraged by the corporate malfeasance I exposed as a network correspondent, David invited me to learn about asking questions from a new perspective. This caused me to shift my view. But I was a journalist, after all, and stubborn. The process was a slow conversion, indeed.

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Robert Baskin, a former 20-20 reporter and award winning journalist, is showing the way to a new kind of journalism that is mindful and focused not just on bad news, but stories of images and voices of hope. She discusses, in her recent article, how we’re living in a time where all around us there’s a global shift in consciousness toward optimism. The world is wearying of the worn-out narrative thread about everything that is wrong. There’s an energy coalescing around a solution-driven, energetic, we’re-in-this-together framework. You can find it popping up in online news sites that are devoted to good news. In a sign of the times, the Huffington Post started a section called Good News,1 as well as an even newer one called Impact: What’s Working.2 One of the earliest adopters, the Good News Network3 is all about providing good news to its one and a half million unique visitors a month. The Solutions Journalism Network4 is a project co-founded by two New York Times columnists who are training newsrooms to do solutions-driven reporting about social problems. Roberta and the whole team from the Weatherhead School of Management–from the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit–have added to this movement with an amazing website called www.AIM2Flourish.com ….check it out.  And participate. If you could spotlight any organization that is innovating in some way to create full spectrum flourishing–innovations that are not doing just less harm but radically creating net-positive good for the world and the business–what innovation would you want to spotlight? On the website simply add your spotlight to the section called "sightings" and soon young people and others interested in advancing "business as an agent of world benefit" will pick up the sighting and will do more extensive interviews.


As the great Joseph Campbell once remarked about cultural transformation: "awe is what moves us forward."  

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