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SEO Strategies for Boosting an Auto Repair Business

Statistics reveal that Americans have purchased 17.5 million cars and other vehicles in the year 2016 which is certainly a record. Obviously, there is going to be a major boost in the number of car owners coming to auto repair shops for getting their cars fixed or serviced. If you are the owner of any auto repair shop, you must take an initiative and make the most of this opportunity. You have got the golden opportunity of tapping into the market and effectively expanding your customer base. There are definitely several effective ways of acquiring customers and attracting potential customers, but in this digital era, nothing could be more effective than SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Here are some expert SEO tips for owners of auto repair shops, so that they could take their business to a whole new level.

Always ensure that Your Website is Fresh & Active

You must be wondering why you would require a website when you have nothing to sell online, no digital services or products. However, you must realize that a website is the key to any SEO strategy’s success. You need to have a website to attract potential customers and let the world know that you exist and your repair shop is well-equipped with qualified and skilled workers to do auto repair jobs of all kinds and undertake servicing assignments too. So, the first thing you need to do is to get a website designed by SEO experts like Sand Crest SEO.com. Your website must be responsive and mobile optimized. You should get into the habit of posting relevant, informative industry content on a regular basis. People, who would be searching online for a good auto repair service, could come across your website and consider coming to you for the services.

Have an Idea about Your Local Keywords

You must come up with good and original content. However, it is important to create a relevant content with specific keywords. Keywords are actually phrases or words that the Internet users are most likely to be feeding into Google or other such search engines while searching auto repair shops or auto repair services.For instance, if your shop is in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, people would be looking for auto repair Pittsburgh. How would you know about the precise keywords? You must have access to some of the most effective online tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and the like.

Use Google My Business

The auto industry is really competitive but the search industry is certainly not. Google is actually dominating the scene and exercises control over more than 85 % of the total market. So, it really pays to divert all your efforts and attention to Google. Focus your search engine optimization on Google. It comes up with effective SEO tools like Google My Business. This tool is very effective and lets you list all your details relating to your business including the business’s physical address, name, working hours, and even the contact number.Keep updating the listing in case any changes to your business details take place; for instance, you could update if your shop would remain open even on a public holiday.


You must rely on the social media too. You must not be complacent after having active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or all other major social networking platforms. In fact, it is also important to utilize question-answer sites such as Quora. Numerous people visit these sites for asking a question and finding relevant answers to their questions. If you build your profile on these QA sites and if you answer relevant questions related to the auto industry, you could draw attention to your brand and boost your business