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U.S. capture the ringleader of the attacks in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998

James Garrison Posted by James Garrison.

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U.S. capture the ringleader of the attacks in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998

United States conducted this weekend two assault and capture operations against Islamic terrorism prominent members who were in Libya and Somalia. “It’s never too late,” John Kerry said Sunday , Secretary of State, which is in Indonesia attending the summit of the Asia and Pacific countries (ASEAN ) . Al Qaeda ” can run but you can not hide ,” said the diplomat .

The name of wanted terrorist has not been made ​​public by the Pentagon , but apparently the goal was Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr , known as Godane Ahmed , head of Al Shabab . According to military sources , no American was injured or killed in the mission but the command caused several casualties among members of Al Shabab before retiring.

The operation carried out in Libya by U.S. forces assisted by the FBI and the CIA resulted in the capture in Tripoli of Nazih to Ragye , 49, known by the alias Anas al-Libi and sought by the U.S. for masterminding the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania , which killed 224 people , including 12 Americans. Al Libi was to be delivered yesterday in the U.S. to the appropriate authorities , putting an end to a hunt order and totaling 15 years and offered five million dollars for delivery ” dead or alive” .
If the operation in Libya was fulfilled effectively and Anas al-Libi was captured by a detachment of Special Forces Delta masked in the streets of Tripoli when returning home after morning prayers , tried to pull a gun from the glove compartment of your car to defend without success – , on Somalia are still a lot of confusion . According to an official U.S. source would target escaped , but other sources say that he died . Yes it is a fact that the Navy Seal had to ask for help to be removed from the operation by helicopter after suffering heavy fire for more than an hour.

Abu Anas al- Libi . / AFP / FBI
On the mission carried out in Somalia by Navy Seals command – namely 6, the same that killed Osama bin Laden , details were sparse and confusing. It is known that before dawn Saturday , the command landed on the shores of the Indian Ocean with speedboats to capture the stronghold of Barawe ( a small port south of Mogadishu ) a prominent leader of al- Shabab , the Somali Islamist militia linked to Al Qaeda and responsible for the attack on the mall in Nairobi ( Kenya ) last month , which left at least 60 victims.