3 Keys to Unlocking the Riddle of Relationship and Attracting Your Perfect Mate

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    3 Keys to Unlocking the Riddle of Relationship and Attracting Your Perfect Mate

    Direct personal experience is the key to unlocking the riddle of relationship.

    Single, Married or in a Committed Relationship you deserve an enduring, life-giving partnership, while sharing a profound purpose in being together.

    Turns out relationship is not really a cosmic riddle or even a mystery. Each of us has within us a ‘master relationship chef’ with the necessary skills for cooking up a sumptuous, sexy, and delicious intimate relationship. PLUS, each of us has been born into a well stocked relationship kitchen.

    The seeming mystery or riddle of relationship is that, as the “Master Chef’, we are responsible for knowing the ingredients we want in our relationship pie and be willing to develop our relationship skills to cook it up just right.

    Relationships are challenging and rewarding because they are like mirrors made available for each of us to learn more about ourselves, AND, the more intimate the relationship – the larger the opportunity for growth is available to us.

    Here is the catch – Relationship requires 3 things from you:

    1. Clarity & Focus – you need to identify and document what you want to have in your personal relationships so that when you connect with people you will know instantly whether they are a perfect fit for you. Do this and watch the magic happen!

    2. Inner Alignment – This is what has been missing. By taking the time to think through what is a perfect fit, you will be developing your relationship skills.

    This practice alone helps you to define and document your personal core values, and it is your inner alignment with your core values that is the key to successful relationships.

    By investing the time to discover what you want and what is important to you, and aligning with that first, you’ll find the pay-off later.

    3. Increased Confidence – confidence is the natural result developing your relationship skills. The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process will help you to imagine and structure, in your consciousness, a clear picture of who you will attract before you actually meet them.

    You will know what to look for and what to say in any situation. Plus you will be radiating at such a higher more coherent frequency that the ‘losers’ won’t come near you.

    Give yourself permission to get what YOU need to feel taken care of, loved and free.

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    P.S. “Becoming conscious simply means finding the courage to continuously reflect, express, notice, and listen.” -Amara Charles