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Choosing Collaboration, Not Competition

Jan Stringer Posted by Jan Stringer, Founder and Pres. , PerfectCustomers, Inc. .

Jan H. Stringer, Speaker, Coach and Author of Attracting Perfect Customers and BEE-ing Attraction.

Choosing Collaboration, Not Competition

What if I asked you whether businesses actually have to compete for customers?

The answer would be, “Of course, they do! It’s a dog eat dog world–and it’s always been that way.” But there is a way to create a dramatic shift in how we treat our customers and each other by choosing to collaborate with others in our business community. That’s a good idea this time of year, don’t you agree!

This is the perspective of collaboration, based on the principle that no two people are exactly the same, and no two businesses are exactly the same. Instead, business owners and managers can choose to collaborate, bringing their unique viewpoints to the table, in ways that truly serve their customers’ and their own interests.

Businesses are of greater service to themselves, their organization, their clients, and their communities when they are knowledgeable about the products and services offered by other businesses in their own and related industries.

Consumers value services that save them time, money and headaches. By becoming this type of a resource through collaborating with others in your industry, you are increasing the overall abundance of products and services and will ultimately bring the greatest success to everyone.

This month, speak with a new potential collaborator every day. You will have a greater breadth of knowledge about your industry and build a reputation for being open and collaborative.  You might even find yourself receiving a couple of new clients because of it your willingness to reach out.

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