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The world we are living in is never constant at any point, it keeps changing.

The world we are living in is never constant at any point, it keeps changing. The moods, principles, human behaviors, aptitudes, circumstances, demands, availabilities, habits and the ways of living, everything every time is changing continuously; and that is the only reason of things becoming outdated and replaced by something new. For example, if you remember using your email account a few years back, you might have been using Hotmail as your official mailing id. Isn’t it? And if you are still using an email account, you must have understood that all other mailing services have become obsolete and swapped by Gmail. People use Gmail id today as it is the most reliable mailing service of today. Same is the case with another important tool of a student’s or an employee’s life.

MS word is the basic necessity of everyone who uses his laptop to make some report, some assignment or any other writing project.  It is easy to use and simple to interact with. But still, there are so many drawbacks which people observed after a long use. There has been no alternate for MS word but yes, now you have an alternate, a replacement, and absolutely a better choice and that is Google Docs.

A Google doc is more reliable than MS word, how? Let us take a look.

No more USB’s needed:

Google doc offers you to store your data at cloud and you have 1 GB space. So you don’t need to save the copy and paste the desired file to USB and accidentally, got corrupted file message. Google docs save the data online and you can easily drag it to your laptop without getting a corrupt file. Several times students feel insecure about their assignment as it often gets corrupted or not saved. Google docs is an advance program with so many possibilities.

No more confused file extensions:

Several times, you must have got complain that the file you shared is unable to open with any program. If you are a Google Doc user, you don’t need to save and share a file via data traveler and so. You have stored your data online and the only thing you need is the link to that file. Anyone who has a browser and internet connection can open it.

Download to some other format:

Still, you need to open that file to word Adobe? No problem! the Google doc file can easily be converted to any format whereas a word file use its conventional format and you have to open that file in word only. So this is another great feature of Google docs.

Allow the public to read your file:

Have you just created a piece of amazing writing, such a work which you want everyone to see, like and share? Google Doc has made it so simple. With a few simple steps, you can make your post public and get appreciation from others.

No tension of getting your data with you:

Suppose you are working on an assignment and you have to leave for office or some other place. You haven’t brought your laptop with you and oops, the file you were working on was there in your laptop. Got extra time to work on your assignment? If you have saved your assignment with Google docs, you just have to arrange any laptop or computer with internet and tadaaaah! Your file is open in front of you. You can make any sort of changes, editing or removing in your Google doc file.

Work in collaboration:

Have you just missed any important lecture? No problem. Just ask any of your class fellows who make notes on Google Docs to share the link of that specific lecture’s notes. You can access those notes right from your room. It is so easy and reliable.

It is the future of documentation:

With so many positive things which MS word lacks, Google Docs is the future of documentation. It is surely going to obsolete MS word in coming couple of years.