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Education, means gaining knowledge and wisdom through innumerable ways according to the desire and atmosphere of the learner.

Education, means gaining knowledge and wisdom through innumerable ways according to the desire and atmosphere of the learner. It is said that learning process never ends and if one thinks he has learned enough for his life, his life stops at that point and he cannot discover any more.

There are several criteria hovering around for how to educate the people and how long one can get educated. Every country and nation have its own set of standard towards education but the general purpose of getting qualified is to make one able to live a better life, to earn for himself and his dependents and to be capable of surviving through difficult times of his life. So the goals of education remain the same but the mediums and sources keep changing with the passage of time.

Technology, in the era we reside in, has advanced to excel and we witness wonders happening around the world through the latest technology trends. How possibly it couldn’t have its impact on the major need of human beings which is education. It has transformed the learning process to the most amazing and interesting practice as students learn more through online libraries, e-books, and inestimable material online than books. They don’t have to get library cards, waste hours and hours for some certain book or information and to leave their homes to make some assignment. Everything is just a few clicks away on their laptops. Internet, laptops, tablets, Mac Books are the tools you can see everywhere instead of a heavy bag on their shoulders.

We can say that technology is born of education itself and after it has grown up enough, it is supporting education to stay strong, advanced and prevailed so much that was just unbelievable a century back. Here we will have a detailed look on how technology impacts on education.

Changed view of Text books:

We cannot say that the need of text books has completely finished, but technology has widened the image of a text book. It is no longer a boring composition of too much material that is literary impossible to go through. You can get your text books online and save them to your personal laptop and with the help of internet connected, you can enjoy the animations, gifts, interactive material, website links attached video tutorials and much more. It makes s the learning even more interesting and magical.

Children with Special needs are entertained well:

As you all know that there is a technique available online that it has voice recognition system available and you can use several tools and apps to get its benefits. People who are unable to speak or write English with efficiency can communicate with Google search engine directly. Speech recognition engine will hear, understand or translate their demands as per requirement and provide them the material they have requested for.

Global libraries at your finger tips:

Have you ever heard that famous people from the history have traveled for thousands of miles in search of knowledge and only a few lucky ones could actually achieve what they wanted?  It was perhaps centuries ago when it happened. Still, today, if we will have to walk to a library, we will make hundreds of excuses to leave our bed. If you have got a PC, laptop, IPad or Smart phones along with an internet connection, you don’t even have to move an inch and the whole library from wherever you want to be opened before your eyes. Apart from that, you just have to type the title of your desired book and it in your hand in a second. Isn’t it amazing? You can also get online assignment writing and essay writing services for an affordable price.

Electronic Mail:

Electronic Mail commonly called an Email is the best way to pass notes to your friends. Just a few years back, handwritten notes or copies were by no mean less value than gold during exams. Still sometimes when we have had lost some important notes, or maybe if we were late to receive the delivered material, it had caused a literary bad impact on our exam results. Emails have solved the problem. We can send all data in a minute to as many friends as we want and also we can get previous data anytime as we have our Email account with us and we can easily access everything that is attached to emails.

Smart phone Apps:

Besides this, many smart phone apps whether we are using android or apple phones, have lots of social media apps which allow us to communicate with our colleagues or classmates totally free of cost just by using an internet connection. We can share ideas, discuss and solve queries, share photographs and videos which help us in learning or share some specific material to a formed group of fellows just with a single tap.

Extended communities for same requirements:

Our classrooms are not limited to a four walls room and a specific number of 30 or 50 students. We have got so many platforms, which are designed for specific purposes. You can join any community, for example if you want to discuss a biology assignment, you will get hundreds of communities online where you can just signup for free and enter anytime for a discussion. You can get your question answered in a few minutes. Also you can have a good communication skill and command over your speech by using international communication platforms.

Online lectures and tutors available:

It’s another great advantage of technology that we can take a lecture right from our room. We don’t need to go on a long hunt to find a competent teacher and pay thousands for a single subject. We have a chance to get highly qualified and experienced lecturers, professors, fresh graduated young teachers or tutors. You can take lectures according to your desired timetable on a nominal or no fee. There are so many options to choose from. Also, if you need to get your assignment completed with the help of best-picked editors and writers, there are custom essay writing services available online also where you can get content written for a price. So your complete educational faculty is on your personal laptop. Again thanks to the technological advancements which make whole educational period a lot more convenient, interesting and fast for us.

Technology is rapidly increasing its wonders and we cannot anticipate what we are going to witness in upcoming ten years. The only thing which we should do at our end is to use the powers of technology positively, and for productive purposes, because everything that has strength, it can be used for good and for evil as well. We should make our perspective clear and optimistic so that it turns to good directions and can be use for the good sake of human being