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I am repeatedly impressed by the reader response to Laura's book, "Trauma Stewardship.

I am repeatedly impressed by the reader response to Laura's book, "Trauma Stewardship."  Pretty much every week, we receive (or Laura forwards) mail from readers whose lives have been changed by this book.  Here's a thank-you note that came today:


> dearest laura,

> i had this dream last night that i bought this card that on the front said "Thank You for Creating Trauma Stewardship" it was like a Hallmark card i found at walgreens or something and i told myself in my dream that this was just such a perfect card for you and exactly what i was looking for...

> not a hard one to interpret! so when i woke up i realized that it is long overdue for me to say thank you in a specific and particular way to you at this time. through all the practice and meditating over the past 12 months i've finally listened to what i needed, and have made the decision to go down to a part time position at my work. i am in negotiations (which are not a walk in the park) but by july 1 i am hoping to have a more sustainable job that will not continue to make my soul feel so very tired. without Trauma Stewardship i know i would not be at this place. and i am so very very grateful. and so looking forward to becoming whole again as i continue to give things up that are not giving me life any more.

> so thank you. i know you must get emails like this a lot, because i know the work you are doing is touching all of us who so so so need it, and is changing our lives truly and deeply. but i wanted to let you know *again* how grateful i am. 

Change agents: Remember to take care of yourselves.  Laura shows the way:


Amy Lenzo
Amy Lenzo

Wow! That's so wonderful... it should go up on the Reader's Reviews/Testimonials map!

October 29, 2014