8 Obvious Signs You’re a Writer

    Are you currently staring at a blank Word document about to start your latest literary masterpiece? Perhaps you’ve received a visit from every writer’s sworn enemy: writer’s block, and you’re wondering if you really do have what it takes to be a writer. If so, then read on. Here are our top signs that you’re a writer…


    You love to read


    Most people love to read, but you really do LOVE to read. You spend countless hours with your nose in a book whilst your friends are at a bar or catching the latest blockbuster at the cinema, and that’s just the way you like it! Reading is your definition of fun, and that’s totally fine. This is one of the signs that you’re a writer! To you there’s nothing more enjoyable than curling up with a good book and transporting yourself to a whole new reality. You’ve probably claimed on more than one occasion that you have lost a book, simply because you don’t want to loan it out for fear that it won’t be returned!


    You adore adventure


    Whether it’s a movie of a man who’s trapped in time or a beautiful love story of woman who found true love on an online dating site at last after several heartbreaks, your mind is never too far from a world of adventure. You enjoy leaving your own life for short periods in order to explore new realities and really feel “alive”. Sometimes people say you don’t pay attention, and this is because you’re in a completely different and much more exciting world!


    You know good writing


    You may think you’re not a good enough writer from time to time, but the fact that you know good writing when you see it says otherwise. You know when writing has been constructed well and sometimes you even read a sentence or paragraph over and over again, simply because of the way it was written. If you weren’t a writer, you wouldn’t smile at an expertly structured piece of writing – it’s as simple as that!


    You value all life experiences


    Writers know that every experience is valuable, simply because it provides them with something to write about. Even the bad times can offer up a wealth of inspiration. Whether you break down in your car, or you get caught in a storm, you don’t get dejected, but use these experiences in your writing, and with excellent effect.


    You hoard words


    If you’re reading a book and you love a sentence, you simply have to have it. This means writing it down in your trusty notebook before you can move on with the story. People who aren’t writers won’t understand this, but we writers know what lies behind this habit. It’s because you have this feeling that you’ve read something that makes perfect sense. You simply don’t want to forget it. As a result, you have countless scribbles, jottings and memos lying about your house with words on that you don’t want to forget.


    You view writing as a form of therapy


    If putting down words on paper feels like therapy, the chances are that you’re a writer! When you feel sad, lonely or angry, you don’t hit the bottle or book an appointment with an expensive therapist, but you pull out your laptop and get typing. If you go too long without writing something, you risk your feelings going berserk. When everything feels wrong, it’s time to return to your first love: writing!


    You know you can be better


    Whenever you see a brilliant piece of writing – something better than you have ever written – you become inspired, as you know that you can write like that too. You’re aware that you have it in you to be a better writer. Occasionally, you may try to imitate the writer’s style, but this won’t last for long once you really find your voice. As a writer, you never stop learning, and admitting this fact can help you to keep on improving your craft throughout the years.


    You prefer writing than speaking


    It’s not that you don’t like to talk, but you feel much more comfortable expressing yourself on the page than in person. If you get into an argument with someone in real life, you probably struggle to voice your opinion, or even get the right words out at all. But if you’re writing down your thoughts (even via text message or Facebook), you’re sorted. You just wish all communication could be written down!


    You fear people reading your writing


    As a writer, you’ll understand this. Whilst you do want other people to read your writing, you also fear people reading something before it is finished. Similarly, you don’t want them to lay their eyes on something you wrote 10 years ago. It’s also a good bet that you don’t want your ex reading a story that was (no very subtly) based on your relationship! You’re picky with what you want people to read, and with good reason.


    If you’ve been hit by writer’s block and all you see is a white blank page, don’t despair. As a writer, this happens to us all, but it won’t be long before ideas are coming to you quicker than you can write them! If you love writing and are never happier than hearing that distinctive clickety click noise as you let your thoughts and feelings out on to paper, it’s a good sign that you really are a writer.