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PhD Personal Statement Sample

Jordan  Collins Posted by Jordan Collins, Writer, Writingsessay.

I am an experience writer who has worked with various clients including working professionals and students. 

PhD Personal Statement Sample

Many people who need to purchase a PhD personal statement are working to become candidates for literary degrees. While some observers have stated that the era of the classical liberal arts degree is gone, there are still those who end up needing a PhD personal statement sample. Of course, people working in scientific and technical fields will sometimes require a phd personal statement sampleas well. This is especially true of those who work in the field of mental health, judging by the number of sociology and psychology phd personal statement coursework writing help examples that people order. Getting a phd personal statement sample shouldn’t have to be as complicated as completing a degree program. 

At times, I’ve honestly felt as though my college experience could be compared to the 11th century novel known in American universities as the Tale of Genji. That book is famous for its huge case of characters. Sometimes I would feel almost as though I were playing a bit part in a much wider story. Even if that story were an influential piece of world literature, it didn’t make the task any easier on me. On the other hand, I would at other times feel as though I were trapped in a story as though I were watching a movie that I didn’t really have full control over. 

In either case, I’m actually glad that I’ve gone through this difficulty because it helped me realize that I really can be my own teacher. I can grab life by the horns and forge my own path. There are those who say that self-help might really be the only help there is. That might very well be true. Without a good foundation, there isn’t any way you can get ahead. There are always going to be a lot of bad influences around, and sometimes it’s hard to realize which ones are truly bad. 

It takes a ton of inner strength to say that I can avoid peer pressure. Back in grade school they always made it sound so easy, but it isn’t. Then again, nothing is worth having if it isn’t worth fighting for. That’s what I needed to learn to get ready to be a genuine PhD candidate. 

A PhD personal statement sample is good for those who: 

  • need a sample personal statement for PhD program to file an application 
  • those who are gearing up for language arts degrees 
  • students who are ready to enter into graduate school 
  • applicants for terminal degree programs