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Author Day Best Practices

Lizzie Case Posted by Lizzie Case, Digital Editorial Intern, Berrett-Koehler.

Author Day Best Practices

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Your lunchtime presentation is an opportunity to inform staff and guests about your book and its contents, but it is also much more. It is your first “marketing pitch” to get people excited about your book and generate enthusiasm for the project. There are many creative and energetic ways to do this, but even the most seasoned presenters and professionals sometimes need guidance. With this mind, following are some basic guidelines for an effective presentation:


1. Restrict your presentation to between ½ an hour and 40 minutes to allow enough time for questions and discussions afterwards.
2. Say a bit about yourself at the opening and how the book became the focus of your passion.
3. Present the core ideas of the book in an engaging and energetic manner using stories and illustrations whenever possible.
4. Personalize your presentation by showing us how to apply the core lessons of your work in our personal and/or professional lives.
5. Stay on topic; maintain a focus on the core thrust of your presentation.
6. Inform your editor well ahead of time if you need a projector, flip-chart, white board or any other presentation materials.

Don’t :

1. Simply lecture or read aloud from a prepared document or section from the book (remember point (3) from the “Do’s” above).
2. Build your presentation around the table of contents or attempt to address every point in the book.
3. Force exercises and activities that do not relate concretely to the core concepts of your presentation.
4. Use power-point presentations or charts that simply re-iterate what you are speaking about.

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