Author Days: An Overview

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Author Days: An Overview

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Section 4: Author Days - An Overview

One of the most important aspects of the publishing process at Berrett-Koehler is the Author Day. This is a day that is entirely devoted to discussing all aspects of the publication process, including marketing, editorial, production, and publicity. All authors meet face-to-face with everyone who will be working with them on their book. Berrett-Koehler compensates authors for their travel and hotel expenses up to $1000 if they are traveling from out of state and up to $500 from within California but outside of the larger San Francisco bay area.

The following hotels are within walking distance to Berrett-Koehler. Though all hotels are of decent-high quality, prices can range wildly based on occupancy and season, and larger chain or luxury hotels will often have prices that beat smaller boutique hotels:

Larger Chain Hotels
Omni San Francisco: 500 California St. (415) 677-9494 [1block away]
Hotel Triton: 342 Grant Avenue, (415) 394-0500 [3 blocks away]
Hilton Financial District: 750 Kearny St. (415) 433-6600 [3 blocks away]
San Francisco Marriott Marquis: 780 Mission St. (415) 869-1600 [5 blocks away]

Smaller Budget Boutique Hotels
The Mosser Hotel: 54 4th St. (415) 986-4400 [5 blocks away]
King George Hotel: 334 Mason St, (877) 732-7166 [7 blocks away]
Cartwright Hotel Union Square: 524 Sutter St. (415) 421-2865 [7 blocks away]
Andrews Hotel: 624 Post St. (415) 563-6877 [7 blocks away]

One of the best ways to get a deal on otherwise ridiculously high-priced San Francisco hotels is to try and book an air and hotel package together. Many high end hotels offer very reasonable rates when paired with airline ticket purchases.

Author days are typically held about a month or so after the draft manuscript is submitted. The Author Day starts at 9:00 am, and usually runs through to 5:00 pm and possibly later. This day can be quite exhausting, so we recommend getting plenty of rest the night before.

Please note that you are free to invite up to four colleagues or friends to attend the Author Lunch that takes place on your Author Day. Please inform the Managing Editor of the names of your guests as well as their emails at least two weeks prior to your scheduled Author Day.

We are confident that your author day will be well worth the time you invest.

Read a Typical Author Day Schedule here.

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