Mad Truth

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Nora is an accomplished executive coach with 25 years of experience developing corporate leaders. She is the author of Mayday! Asking For Help In Times of Need.

Mad Truth

If you are anything like me, you have shelves of books. Some well used, some only partially read, and many still waiting for that first spine-cracking open. As I examine my collection, I see titles that are designed to snag your attention and hold it. “Made to Stick” anyone?

Some of these titles work because they are unexpected; they take a common concept and link it to something quite different. Consider “Anatomy of Peace.” What does anatomy have to do with something as intangible as peace? Like chocolate and peanut butter, these titles mash ideas together to create something completely new, surprising and tantalizing.

Still other great titles take conventional thought and flip it over. Think about “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers,” or “The Answer to How is Yes.” Both titles are a little confusing yet really compelling – at least for me.

I respond to that unconventional thought, to the “what if” scenario, to the surprise in life.

Mad Truth is kind of like that. Like a crazed scientist, I experiment, combining two disparate ingredients into one new enlightening concoction. Or, I take something we all assume is correct and demonstrate how doing the exact opposite may be a better approach. It’s a whole new way of looking at concepts, principles, and things. I seek the Mad Truth that comes in through the Out Door.

I began to explore Mad Truth with my book, “Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need.” What intrigued me about the topic was the unspoken assumption that we aren’t supposed to ask for the help we need. We are supposed to do it all on our own, without relying on others. Hogwash.

I’d rather go the UNconventional route. When we do the unexpected, we create a whole new space for something exciting to show up. So…when we ask for what we need, we create the space for a conversation that deepens relationships and liberates us from our own ego.

That’s the point of Mad Truth, or Unconventional Wisdom, really. It’s not just about breaking rules or coming up with cute titles. It’s about finding unexplored ways to connect with others and to be whole human beings.

What are some of the Mad Truths you’ve discovered along the way?

These blogs are intended to help me 1) communicate with you, 2) develop my thoughts around Mad Truth and 3) give me a chance to write on a regular basis. I hope you’ll join me!


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