Do Great Writers Need an Office?

Hello again guys! I just wanted to share some thoughts with you and ask you what you think about whether writers, beginners or pros, need an office to wirte.

Virginia Woolf once said “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” This sentiment is true, and it applies in a broader sense. In order for anyone to be a great writer, they need to have access to the resources they need – including the space in which to write. While it’s true that anyone can technically write anywhere, there are distinct advantages to creating a dedicated space for any and all of your writing projects.

What an Office Does

Routine and familiarity are very important to people, whether or not they consciously realize it. You’ve probably heard that it’s a bad idea to hang out or work in bed, because that makes your bed less relaxing and delays the signal that it’s time to go to sleep. You’ve likely realized that when you walk into a workplace, your brain is triggered that it’s work time.

When you walk into your writing office, you’re creating an automatic cue that it’s time to write. Though you may be inspired in other places, having one special place designated specifically for writing removes external distractions and helps you focus on the task at hand. This maximizes the potential for productivity and helps you keep your thoughts organized.

Use that room for nothing but writing and your writing ritual – maybe you like to have an iced chai and listen to your favorite ambient rock music when you’re preparing to start writing for the day. Your office helps your mental “zone” become a physical one. Decorate it with things that inspire you, paint the walls your favorite color, and get a comfortable chair you’ll be able to sit in for a few hours at a time. When you walk in, all you’ll need to do is write.

Creating the Right Kind of Office

If you don’t like to commute or you have another job that might create scheduling restrictions, you can always create a home office. If you have a space in your home that’s free from distractions or foot traffic, it’s not difficult to convert that space. Garages, basements, or even wooden sheds can make great home offices with a little bit of work. You’ll have complete control, and you can write whenever you have the time – your home office never closes, and there is no dress code.

If you’re a full time writer, it might be a better idea to get an external office space. You won’t go stir crazy being trapped in the house the whole time. Larger office spaces are also better for collaboration and networking if you plan on involving other professionals in your projects. You can search websites like Gumtree for a professional office space that will work for you, or for an alternative rentable space that you can easily convert into a writing office.


Overall, the perfect office is different for every kind of writer. Some writers might even work better outside in an open air gazebo. Whether you call it an office or a room of your own, your space is something you need and deserve to help you live up to your full potential as a writer.