3 Types of Sticky Content Bloggers Should Be Using


There is content, and there is content. There are a lot of words together that might or might not make sense, and there are posts and articles that people can’t get enough.

Eager to understand better people’s online behaviour, it has been conducted several studies and researchers with the goal of figuring out which type of stories are the most appreciated by an audience.

And among the results, it has been found that there are, at least, three types of content that people tend to remember for longer. So stop anything that you are writing right now and check these formats below: they might be all that you need so to improve the engagement of your audience.

# 1 – How-Tos and Tutorials

Most of the time, people go online looking for some kind of help. They are in the middle of some kind of situation and want to know how to solve it or do it effortlessly. Or they want tips on how to save money or doing something by themselves.

And it explains why how-tos and tutorials are among the most popular formats of blogs’ posts by any audience. It gives them instructions that they hope will make their lives much easier, so they are happy to encounter one that it clear and easy to follow.

If you are going for this one, you should know that your how-to post should have, at least:

  • A strong introduction, where you tell in detail what you are going to explain, and why the topic is relevant.
  • A descriptive and detailed step-by-step guide, so people can visualise what they are going to do.
  • A list of examples and tools, in case they need extra help or have any immediate doubts.

# 2 – Highly visual content

Another type of content that will make your users very happy is a highly visual one. And it is not because people don’t like to read. On the contrary, posts over 2,000 words are among the most read and shared. The point here is that visual resources appeal to the eyes as our brain is more likely to save visual information that a written one.

Just bear in mind that there is a cultural and biological reason for it. Reading is a skill created by humanity many years after leaving the caves. Our primary source of learning, the one that ensured our survival was based on visual and auditory resources. So it is only normal that these skills are much better improved than any others.

# 3 – Listicles

If you are reading this post carefully is very likely that you are attracted by listicles -  a post made of lists. Listicles make the information we are providing easier to scan, nice to look at, and better organised. It brings credibility and consistency to what we have to say and provide the audience with something fast-consuming. And we are constantly dealing with people with no time to waste.

Don’t take it wrong. Listicles can be well-developed and go into the deeps on any subject. But the subheadings make easier for people to decide if they want to take the time to read it through, or if they want just to read some parts of it. In any case, it is a win-win scenario for you.

To make the most of this format, follow these instructions below:

  • Do plenty of research and take it seriously, as listicles got a bad reputation thanks to the shallow content of most of them.
  • Create exciting sub-headings, so people will keep reading it until the end
  • Make sure that you don’t write walls of text, or it will defy the purpose of creating a listicle. To make your writings perfect, you can look for writing services reviews.

The bottom line

Listicles, highly visual content, and tutorials are excellent ways to create sticky content for your blog. And each one of them can appeal in a different way to many target audiences, as you can imagine.

So before applying them from now on, go back to your research and consider your public. Which one of the formats above would they enjoy the most? It can be one, two, three, or none of them. It depends on a lot.

After reaching this conclusion, start considering writing new content in the chosen format. Have it in mind before doing anything, even a bit of research so that it can turn at its best. And if you aren’t unsure if you did a good job, consider sharing your post on bloggers’ communities, such as Blogster so that you can get some kind of free feedback.

But don’t think that it can’t be done the other way around. You can always go back to your old posts and re-write them so to adapt them to one of the suggested options if it makes sense.

In any case, you will notice soon how your visitors will be suddenly coming back more often than they used before.


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