8 Ways Blogging Changed my Life For The Better

I started blogging when a counselor suggested I use it as an emotional outlet and form of expression. I was a bit skeptical, but I was also struggling with depression and a job that I hated. So, I told myself that I would write at least one blog post a day for 6 months. Now, it’s been over a year and I am amazed at the changes in my life.


1. I’ve Made Good Friends From All Over The World

Blogging is a great way to form connections that you would not otherwise make. I’ve become friends with members of my audience and other bloggers. The beautiful thing is that there are no barriers to making these connections. I have friends in Eastern Europe, in my own city, and three states away. I know bloggers who are homebound due to severe disabilities who established not just friendships, but entire support systems. This is all because they started blogging.


2. I’ve Learned a Lot About Myself

I had a really bad day a few weeks ago, and I came home quite angry at a friend of mine. So, I decided to write a blog post about what happened. That’s not to say that I was going to air my personal drama via my blog, but that I was going to write about honoring commitments and a few other things. Well, funny things happen when I blog. Instead of focusing on the external, it forces me to focus on the internal. Through writing, I started focusing on what I did and didn’t do and why my reaction had been so strong.


3. I Pay More Attention to The World Around me

When I began blogging, I was able to fire out at least one post a day for the first three weeks. Then, I hit a wall. I could think of nothing to write, and my next several posts showed that. I struggled to get 200 words some days. So, I sought out some advice from somebody that I knew was a really prolific blogger. His advice was to carry around a notebook and write down funny or interesting things that I saw. He also told me to pay attention to the news, and widen the circle of blogs that I follow. I started doing that, and then every night I would spend a few minutes translating all that I had seen or read into potential topic ideas.


4. I’m More Compassionate

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve had my ideas challenged quite frequently. That’s something I enjoy. I spent 4 years on the debate team while I was in school, and loved every bit of it. Even if I don’t come out ahead, I still feel as if I’ve learned. All of this is great, but what I’ve also learned through blogging and the intense conversations I’ve had with some of my followers is to drop my us vs. them thinking. I’ve learned that people who have a different set of beliefs than I do often have life experiences that inform those beliefs.


5. I’ve Become a Better Writer

To be honest, I’ve always been fairly confident about my writing skills. But, when I look at my posts today compared to those from a year ago, there’s a big difference in quality. I have to give a lot of the credit to simply practicing, but I have found a list of some great tools that have definitely helped as well. Here are a few that I really love.

  • Hemingway - Really helps me to avoid wordiness and gives my writing more impact
  • AllTop - When I can’t dream up a topic of my own, it helps to know what is trending in the world around me


6. It’s Helped me to Add Structure to my Life

Before I started blogging, I would begin each day with great intentions. After work I would plan to take a walk, go to the gym, clean my apartment, or work on some project. Then, after work would come and I’d spend the evening scrolling social media on my phone. When I committed to blogging every day, that gave me a reason to do something productive. Doing that one productive thing is usually all I need to motivate myself to do more productive things. Now, blogging has become a habit for me. So has my nightly walk, my trips to the gym, and my arts and crafts work.


7. I’ve Made a Little Bit of Money

Make no mistake, I still have to get up every morning and go to my day job, but I have been able to turn a small profit from my blog. I have discovered ways to make a bit off of affiliate marketing, and some through direct advertisements. I’ve even  been paid to blog about certain products. It’s not a lot, but seeing little bits of money come into my PayPal every month is certainly a bonus. Could I make more? Yes, I could, but I’m very picky about the companies and products that I feature.


8. It’s Given me The confidence to Branch Out

I don’t blog about woodworking, antique restoration, and refinishing furniture, but these are all passions of mine. Over the past several years, people have told me that I should start selling the pieces I have completed, and that I should start offering restoration and refinishing services for hire. Until recently, I never seriously considered doing that. It wasn’t that I lacked confidence in my abilities. I was just uncomfortable putting my name and face out there. Well, blogging has pretty much ripped that fear right out of me. I’m used to being a known person, albeit in my tiny little corner of the internet. That’s motivated me to begin selling my pieces online and setting up shop at flea markets in my area.



If you’re considering starting a blog, I highly recommend it. The payoff is so worthwhile. The connections that you make, and the things that you learn about yourself and the world around you make all of the hard work worth it.