Top 5 Books for Chinese Beginners

Chinese Beginner

If you have ever learnt a new language, then the both of us can agree that learning a new language isn’t a walk in the park. This is especially so when you have to learn everything from scratch in such languages as Chinese which use different characters. It would be embarrassing if you went for some business, holiday or just visiting China and failed to utter a single word in either Mandarin or Taiwan. Similarly, learning Chinese would place you in a much better position considering China’s population and economic growth.  When choosing a book, go for those with simplified Chinese since some have the traditional character Chinese. Whether you’re looking to learn the popular Mandarin Chinese, Taiwan, Popup Chinese or the fast-growing online slangs, these books will make the experience a lot more enjoyable and easy for you.

1. Integrated Chinese

This book is exceptional when it comes to learning and mastering of Chinese language. It has been said that for you to understand the Chinese language well, you must familiarize yourself with the Pinyin system. This book allows you to do exactly that. It covers a wide range of vocabularies, pronunciations, tones and sentence structures. It is widely used in various universities and colleges throughout the globe. This is evidence of the book’s usefulness when it comes to the language. Integrated Chinese is divided into 2 levels, each with 10 lessons. Level one has two parts; part 1 and 2 which cover lots of updated vocabularies, cultural notes and communicative skills taught through stories that further make the experience less boring. Level 2 has 10 lessons per volume which have exercises to gauge your understanding on lessons learnt. The book is available in audio CDS, E-books, teachers’ handbooks, character workbooks and other forms. Get your copy and choose from traditional Chinese or the simplified character Chinese.

2. New Practical Chinese Reader.

This book comes in 3 different formats and six volumes. It’s available in paperback, audio CD’s and just recently DVD. It also comes with a workbook. The book is well organized so that you start with basic levels before upgrading to intermediate. The book kicks off a few chapters with pinyin before you can get started on the vocabulary.You can match then pinyin to sound; characters to pinyin; complete sentences and learn to write your characters. You also get to learn a little bit of the Chinese culture, sentence structures, how to converse in Chinese, grammar, writing and lots of stuff about this language.

3. Easy Peasy Chinese.

If you’re really looking for a simplified book to learn your Mandarin, this book is just right for you. It’s so simple you might think its intended audience is the children. Don’t get me wrong, it will come in handy for any beginner. The book is clear, concise and well-structured to get you through your first level of learning Chinese. You get to learn a lot about the history of the language, culture, grammar and other basics of Chinese language. Additionally, sharpen your pronunciation of the phrases by clicking on the headphones icon where you listen to the sounds and phrases in the audio CD that comes along with the book. Purchase it together with the Easy Peasy Chinese workbook to help you master the language well.

4. Beginner’s Chinese

An excellent book to start off your mastering of the language, Beginner’s Chinese is organized to suit all of a beginner’s needs. Learn to write, speak and read Mandarin Chinese using this book that comes with 2 audio CD’s. One of this is meant for the mastergrades pronunciations whereas the other is meant for the lessons. The CD’s are well explained by native speakers to ensure you grasp even the minute details of the language. Besides understanding the Pinyin system, you’ll also get to learn some grammar, culture, idiomatic expressions and the very basic conversational language. Yong Ho has artistically crafted the book for quick learning of the Mandarin language.

5. Chinese Made Easier

The 300-page book is worth your every coin as a beginner. The well-structured book has practical lessons made by the best Chinese tutors to teach you the A-Z of this language. The book features simple and easy to learn grammar and language structure for easier learning. As a beginner, you’ll find this book extremely useful to quickly learn relevant vocabularies. The lessons are well organized so that you can upgrade from one level to another. These are custom-made to fit our daily needs.You’ll learn how to greet people, ask for directions or other day-day activities in simple terminologies. The book comes with an audio DVD for pronunciation of various words.

These books are exceptionally good when it comes to learning this language. It’s usually said that having a good learning book is as good as having a good teacher. It’s therefore paramount to acquire the best learning aides before you set out to learning Chinese. All the best!