10 Strangest Facts About Famous Hollywood Movies You Should Know

From your favorite movies like Inception, Doe Hard, to other cult movies such as Fight Club, there are several years of hard work and dedication behind those. Also, there are some interesting anecdotes that are hidden from the outside world.

But we are here to reveal those mind-boggling and strange secrets to you. You will certainly be surprised to hear such amazing and strange stories of the movies that you so dearly adore. So let us begin without any further ado. Read here for more entertainment articles: Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio? Bob Simonds

The Titanic Star Story

Well, this is something that most people don’t know about. You will certainly be surprised to know that the movie Titanic had a minor edit in the movie. Apparently the scene where Rose stares up at the sky to look at the stars, the star field was supposed to be a different one. The inner perfectionist in James Cameron made him change the scene when an astronomer wrote him a mail stating the obvious.

The Nemo Characters

One of the most interesting facts that you probably didn’t know is that the character of Nemo has its appearance in the movie Monster’s Inc. While that might seem like a normal appearance, but here is the shocker. Monsters Inc. was a movie released before the release of Finding Nemo.

Avengers Unlimited

The actor who played Clint Barton in the Avengers series had Olympics archers’ train him well for playing ‘Hawkeye’ in the movies. Well, know you know where that fantastic aim came from. Bet many of you didn’t know about this interesting fact, right?

The Phone Number Mix-up

Well, we have heard about sharing the same names. But what if I told you that two of the most well-known celebrities in Hollywood share their phone number? I know it sounds a bit shocking. Well, that doesn’t make it any less true. Apparently, actress Marla Singer and John Gammel have the same number for their phones.

The Inception Twist

The movie Inception is a film that many of us failed to understand because of its twisted plot. However, the shocker here is that the entire film could be a dream sequence of Cobb. Remember, the totem spinning in the end? Did anyone see it stop?

The Dark Knight

Many of us are Christian Bale fans and have seen the movie ‘The Dark Night’. Well, you didn’t notice but this is the only movie that doesn’t have the name ‘Batman’ in the title.

Shawshank Redemption

Well, this movie touched many hearts with its nail-biting storyline. But what most people don’t know that the dialogue that Morgan Freeman made about being an Irishman isn’t just a simple dialogue. It is actually reference to the character of ‘Red’ in the novella that is Irish.

Lot Of Money

Want to know the name of the most costly film that was in Black & White? Well, it is none other than ‘Schindler’s List’ that has got a budget of 22 million dollars.

The Terminator Dialogues

Arnold Schwarzenegger charged about $85,000 dollars for a dialogue that he spoke in the movie. Want to know which one? It’s the one where he says, ‘Hasta La Vista Baby’!!!

Pursuit Of Happyness

Anyone remember the guy that you can see when the movie ‘A Pursuit Of Happyness’ ends? That’s Chris Gardner, the actual hero of the original story.