10 Travel Books that Will Enrich Your Life

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Do you want to have a travel inspiration? Try reading a book that talk about journey to life and places. The right book will help us discover not only the world we live in, but explore who we are as a human being. A top travel book will transport you to another time, to another place, from the moment you pick it up. By just reading, you will make you experience something you have not done or get the familiar feeling like hiking the highest mountain and staying in a luxury accommodation in your dream country

The books listed below captures the essence of what it means to travel and the philosophies behind. You would appreciate them with beautiful backdrops, the magical moments and the sad stories.

“Travels With A Donkey In The Cévennes”

By Robert Louis Stevenson

This book takes you on a walking journey with Robert and his donkey Mosestine across a mountainous region of France. You get to feel what travelling through 1870’s Europe was like, including the landscape, religion, and the people. Robert and his donkey do not get along at first, but through trial and error they learn to become travel companions.

“World Walk”

By Steven Newman

World Walk is the story of newspaper writer Steven Newman who at the age of 28 packed his bag to start a 4 year long journey around the world on foot. He walked his way across 22 countries in 5 continents. He shares heartfelt stories of the people he meets along the way, as well as wild adventures including arrests, wars, blizzards, wild animal attacks, wildfires, and more. A lesson of hope and love told through the exciting adventures of independent budget backpacking.

“The Last of the Light: About Twilight”

By Peter Davidson

The book has a meditative and melancholic look at the beatific borderland between light and dark – as seen by western artists, poets and writers. It considers “the ‘invention of evening” in Rome by the ancients and the science of the Victorian evening sky.

“Land of Plenty: A Journey Through the Fields and Foods of Modern Britain”

By Charlie Pye-Smith

In an age when increasing numbers of people are gravitating to cities, what is the fate of the countryside, and especially that essential aspect of our national heritage: farming? Pye-Smith’s travels around Britain result in a discourse on how and when interest in the natural world is flourishing. Criss-crossing the country, Pye-Smith visits Somerset, Gloucestershire, the Scottish Borders, North Yorkshire, East Anglia, Hampshire, Norfolk and Essex in search of our daily bread.

“Into the Wild”

By Jon Krakauer

This true story sees Christopher McCandless donate all of his money to charity, pick-up his backpack and go. Unhappy with what society has to offer McCandless decides to search for his own society, for a place to belong. It is a beautiful story that takes you up the west-coast of America to Alaska, with one man chasing his dream – to be ‘Into the Wild.’


By Gregory David Roberts

This book is a semi-biographical story of a convicted Australian bank robber (Roberts) who escapes from prison and flees to India. The story starts with Roberts arriving in Bombay, how he settles into his new environment, and how he goes onto forge a life for himself taking the reader all across India and Afghanistan in Roberts’s attempt to never be deported back to home.

“The Art of Travel”

By Alian de Botton

One of the best travel books of all time, this philosophical look at travel explores why people feel the need to traverse the world. Alian de Botton analyzes our inherent need to travel and the disappointment we often feel when romanticized trips don’t live up to their high expectations. Take the time to ponder travelling before setting off on your own adventure by reading The Art of Travel.

“The Backpacker”

By John Harris

The Backpacker is a memoir that tells the journey John Harris took around the world with a risky travel partner. This novel includes parties, drugs, and cons, making it an incredibly interesting read filled with dangerous adventure.

“The Beach”

By Alex Garland

Having inspired a movie featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, The Beach is a thrilling novel that will make you think. After hearing folklore of a secret island said to be a real life Eden, protagonist Richard journeys to find the secluded spot. When he finds the island, Richard realizes that paradise comes with a price. While this novel may be more horrifying than inspiring, it is still a terrific read for thrill-seeking travellers and lovers of adventure.

“Eat, Pray, Love”

By Eliza Gilbert

This book always comes first when we talk about travel. It is the story of Eliza Gilbert who is a modern-day American woman, who leaves behind her life to examine different aspects of her nature. She goes for pleasure to Italy, for devotion in India and finally to Bali. While she travels the different countries, you would want to travel with her. This book is everything that will inspire you to explore your life while exploring the world around you.