Education was not a very popular topic in past.

Education was not a very popular topic in past. However, with the advent of internet, it has become a popular topic. There are many people on the internet talking about education and sharing their views with one another. Education is not free from challenges, and it may face critical issues in 2017. Here are the 17 critical issues that eplained by assignment ninja education will be facing in 2017:

  1. Betsy DeVos: The role of new billionaire and the U.S. (United States) Secretary of Education may come into play for education. Educators, parents, politicians, and gurus are all waiting to see how Betsy DeVos will continue playing her role as the U.S. secretary of education. Currently, it is said about DeVos that she is a ‘smart choice’.
  2. School Choice: Betsy DeVos said in the USA News article: “I am concentrating on educational choice, but thinking more broadly, what we are trying to do is to demolish the mindset that assigns students to school based solely on the Zip code of their family’s home. We advocate in its place for as much freedom as possible.” School choice can be a critical issue for students in 2107, hence Betsy DeVos is committed to resolve this issue for children.
  3. U.S. Department of Education: With DeVos in power, the U.S. Department of Education will certainly take on a role. Currently, U.S. department of education is facing challenges. Will US department of education’ role be about undoing everything that happened over the last 8 years?
  4. The Common Core: The President, Donald Trump has been eloquent about his intentions of massacring the Common Core (educational initiative in the U.S.). Will it be recycled under a new name? Or will there merely just be political rhetoric changes in the common core?
  5. ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) Reauthorization: ESSA was passed in December 2016, and it will not be fully in place in between 2017 to 2018.
  6. Media Literacy: Media literacy is equally important for students, as well as adults. Media literacy is bound to take a distinct role in education.
  7. Multi-cultural Education: U.S. is made up of diverse population, and in order to move forward, citizens of U.S. need to have better understanding of one another. Too many negative, ignorant, anti-religious, homophobic conversations take place in US. Such types of conversation need to be replaced. Students from different culture in school, colleges, and university should be treated equally.
  8. Social Emotional learning: According to WHO (World Health Organization), “one in the four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorder in some point in their lives.” There is a strong need for SEL. One of the best resources for SEL is CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning).  
  9. Transgender students: Transgender students are also a challenge for schools, colleges, and universities to address.
  10. Recess: Taking break is good for health; however, there are schools that eliminate recess to increase class time. Our students whether young or old need a break, hence schools should not get rid of recess to increase class time.
  11. Crisis Teams: We may see an increased importance in crisis teams at school. Crisis teams in school may involve psychologists, social workers, nurses, teacher representatives, and school principals. Crisis teams will discuss about students who are at risk because of mental health issues.
  12. Collective Efficacy: Collective efficacy is the way to raise the self-efficacy (strength of belief) of students. It can help solve the problems that each school is facing.
  13. Testing: Students will be tested with tests. Why students get bad test scores? It is what school should look at in 2017.
  14. Authentic Engagement vs. Compliant Engagement: We need to involve students in authentic learning experiences. Compliant learning is inferior to authentic experiences and demand students to have a voice in their own learning.
  15. Pre-service Teacher Programs: Stronger teachers are required by higher education and schools to help them meet their academic and socio-emotional needs.
  16. Leadership Preparation Programs: Better leaders are also a need of education. In 2017, high quality leaders must replace people who are not good leaders.
  17. School Climate:  School climate needs to be supportive and inclusive. School climate with a sense of collective-efficacy can get rid of school culture that blocked authentic learning experiences for all students.

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