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8 Easy Ways to Improve SEO for an Assignment Website

Search Engine Optimization is always confusing business owners. They know that SEO is very important to their business success but unfortunately they will not know how to apply in their own business and what is a best practice in it?

As we all used a search engine to get the information of any product and services. So it is very important that your website must be rank high in Google ranking to get a various advantage.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method through which you can make your website as visible and friendly so that it can appear on the starting page of Google search. It is a significant tool that can drive more traffic to your website. With the help of different strategies and related keywords, you can appear your website more prominent in the search engine. Good SEO drive more traffic generates leads; grow your business and customers.  So due to all such thing here we discuss most easy eight ways to enhance SEO for an assignment website.

1. Create a compelling name for your blog

It is very unpleasant for the visitors when they visit any website and the name of the blog is “Blog” it is always recommended to marketers that to be more creative when you give the name of your blog content. The name of your blog is one of the factors through which you can improve the Search result for your website. SEO also rank your website on the basis of the name of your blog. Give the answer of following questions.

  • What is the main theme of your blog?
  • can I add keywords to my blog?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What is my competitive advantage?

2. Reach a specific audience with each post

As a blogger, if you want to improve the SEO result you can also focus on the target audience. Your blog most focus or cater to the specific target audience. This helps you to write content for specific customers in which you can use targeted keywords that fulfill the need of your audience.

Such as here we are concern an assignment websites, so for such assignment, you will write the blog that explains on which subjects and topics you provide help, what are your expertise, features, and services. By doing this you can target your audience more quickly.

3. Implement an effective URL structure

An effective URL address is good for search engine point of view as well as for website visitors for many reasons.

It makes results reporting easy

Did you have noticed that some website does not add “/blog/” in their URL address when they put their blog content on the domain page of the website? This function will not allow you to keep the track and progress of your blog. So it is suggested to place “/blog/” in your URL address to enhance the reporting.

You can ensure user-friendly URLs

The length of the URL also plays an important role to enhance the SEO of any website. Some people while designing their website URL add many words into the title of URL. Which makes difficult to read as well as become long. So design your website URL descriptive but do not put irrelevant things. Also, do not use conjunction words in URL address. From the example, you can understand better.

  • Long URL usually not user-friendly URL:


  • Short and optimized URL is preferable:


4. Continually optimize blog content

Recycling is not just good for the environment; it’s also good for SEO!

Reprocessing is also good for SEO perspective. Always keep in mind that SEO enhancement does not need fresh new website content. But within the current blog content try to find some opportunities through which you can optimize your existing blog posts. Such as revise your content again and search extra on-page SEO. Below there are some techniques that you can adapt to optimize your existing blog content more effectively.

  • check whether you use targeted keywords in the title tags and Meta description.
  • put internal links to some other related pages of your website.
  • add images related to existing post.

Also Leveraging current blog content can save your precious time and resources as well. Which you can use for any other productive work.

5. Find & fill content gaps

The main objective to create a blog is to fill the SEO gaps by creating content. This is one of the fast and easy ways among all. Use high priority SEO phrases that can help you to boost your website content. 

6. Add optimized images & videos

Images help to improve the visitor's engagement as well as help you to provide positive understanding. It provides additional values for SEO result. As we concern here assignment websites here it is also important to design small video clip that describes your services and features. Optimized related images and videos along with keywords. Visual elements keep your visitors engage and allow to convert your lead into sale opportunity. 

7. Mark it up

Organized data markup is also a very important factor to boost the SEO result. This data markup written into the HTML page that gives information about the webpage, categorize the content of the page as well as it enhances your web page appearance in terms of SERPs. So it is suggested to place markup schema in your website to assure that your website is completely optimized.

8. Capitalize on social media sharing

As here we discuss how to improve the SEO of assignment help sites. We also know that these websites target students by providing help in their writing assignment. So you have great chance to target students through social media platforms. It happens when you give the option of sharing your blog information on different social media platforms. Sharing information on social media helps a lot.

1.    It helps to up-to-date about trends and understand people psychology. 

2.    You can target a large number of audience

3.    You can engage your customers

4.    In google ranking social signals are also included which enhance SEO result.

5.    Social sharing rise and drive other website traffic.


mr herry


September 10, 2018