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8 Tips for Students to Set-Up Successful Goals!

Goal setting in life is essential, not much can transpire without relevant goals particularly students. I say this because as students they are about to start their lives, and once the education is over they will be required to make decisions and climb up the ladder in a corporate setting.

Hence, goal setting must not be taken lightly by either students or adults. In life you do not plan things in advance, you will face difficulties and will take you a while to get out of the rut. Countless failures come as a direct result of lack of goal setting.

Setting goals is also an art. Carefully devised goals do you a lot of favor. But there is a trick to it. What are those tips? This article will detail you these steps. These are all actionable methods. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1.Use verb-noun structure

Well for starters, you should learn to write you goals down. How can you do that? It is by employing verb-noun structure. There should be action items rather than a mere to-do list. Action items help students towards action.

Examples of such action items could be "be present in each class" or "complete homework every night". It is not to say that you should stop making generalized goals but the more action driven goals, the more productive you will become.

2.Plan strategically and tactically

In simple words, it is planning for both long term and short term goals. The strategic objective from a student’s perspective would be to "Create a lab report with precision" and the tactical side of this goal would be to break down into smaller components.

By smaller components, it means what small steps you will be undertaking to the accomplishment of this overall objective of yours. If as a student your goals are as outlined above, then you will have to tell yourself, "I will dedicate a couple of hours each night to research" until the necessary data gathering ensues.

3.Recognize when help is needed

Do not shy away from seeking assistance, EVER! Students often have this misnomer that if they were to ask for help with their homework or project they will be considered lesser of their peers is an absolute bull crap.

Only those who are dedicated to their work are confident enough to ask for help. Asking for help is not degrading oneself rather it is admitting to the world of human limitations and that no one man can do the job alone but it is the outcome of many heads working together.

So all you students out there, go ask for help, from your teachers for an extra session or your parents to see you through your homework. But be on the lookout for help as the ability to recognize that you require help is the first step.

4.Stop and reassess

After a month into outlining your goals, it is a best practice to reflect back. It may be that with the passage of time your plans have changed. Your head tells you or your research tells you that if a certain thing is done in a certain fashion it will fruitful.

Similarly, students are advised to do a reassessment of their goals on a periodic basis and you will how much on the track you are with respect your educational goals. If you find you are getting off track, then you will know to put yourself back on track for the realization of those goals.

5.Review action plans regularly

It is the continuation of the point above, however, it is reiterated to highlight the importance of reviewing time and again. Find help with coursework assistance online. Revisiting your action plans, helps you factor any changes into account. Ask yourself questions such as “Am I still on track?” and the likes thereof.

6.Include a timeline

Action items should be realized within a given timeframe because if the goals are without a timeline then they are as good as the pen without a paper to write on. Goals cannot be always ongoing, they ought to be realized at some point in time.

From a students' standpoint it could be about applying for a college of your choice but for that, you will really have to give in your all. The grades ought to reflect what you are made should you plan on applying for the best college in town. The planning starts well before the actual deadline.

With a timeline in sight, you will be able to carefully plan your path towards enrolling. Now do you see the significance of having a timeline or do you want to just drift like a sailor in an open sea in search of land?

7.Identify obstacles to success

It also a good practice to list down what might be the difficulties that you will run into en route to realizing your goals. With this you will have a clear idea in mind as to how tough you ought to be should you continue your journey on this path?

For students it could be as simple as scoring a B from D. for this, they will have to work extremely hard and focus on studies. It could be accessing resources in the library or sitting with your teacher for understanding key concepts.

If you are too caught into your phone, you will have to drop this habit, like pronto. If you are in a boyfriend/girlfriend thingy, you will immediately have to call it quits or put it on hold until the finals are over. Minimize the distractions and you will see the results. Here the obstacles are distractions.

8.Include parents and families

Remember we talked about seeking assistance from the adults of your household such as with homework. Keeping parents and families in the loop helps you fall back for comfort if something were to go awry such as failing in exams or not doing so well in your project.

This way they know the efforts that you have been putting in and can comfort you. You will find solace in their advice or will guide you to never quit and impart you a lesson in learning from your failures.