Can Instagram Marketing Boost Your SEO? A Quick Overview

Truth be told, the online business environment is stifling, especially for new businesses. Establishing a new business online takes a lot of effort and more importantly, innovation. If you are struggling to build your online business, it is most likely that you are not leveraging the emerging techniques in marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is now at the core of every successful marketing campaign and if you are not leveraging it yet, you are missing out big time.

A report published on the Search Engine Journal says that 93% of internet experiences start with a search engine. This simply means your online business must be visible on all online platforms. The fact that 75% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) means you have to use the best SEO techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

How Instagram Helps in SEO

It takes more than just a beautiful website to bring in numbers to your website; you have to leverage the power of search to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most effective marketing strategies today is using Instagram. With over 700 million monthly active users (MAUs), this is now the most popular social media network. 

More than 71% of brands in the U.S are expected to have an Instagram account by the end of 2017, which highlights how effective this platform has become for marketing. Well, most marketers are focusing on getting Instagram followers specifically to boost brand awareness and market their products.

However, your campaign for followers for Instagram can also blend easily with your SEO campaign. It is important to appreciate that without an SEO strategy, your online business doesn’t exist and you will then be wasting a lot of time and resources. How does Instagram help with your SEO efforts? Take a look:

  1. Boosting traffic levels – While links are the most popular way of driving traffic to your site, the lack of linking opportunities on Instagram doesn’t mean you can’t bring traffic to your landing pages. In the bio, you have a chance to include one link and if you make the best use of the profile, it is possible to spur interest and drive people to your website.
  2. Higher visibility – If you try searching your brand online, you will most likely find that your social media pages rank higher than your business website. You have a chance to drive more traffic to your website while at the same time boosting brand visibility on SERPs just by creating an Instagram account.
  3. Brand awareness – One of the major goals of an SEO campaign is to increase brand awareness and this is exactly what you do with a well-planned Instagram campaign. With more brand mentions, you can bet more people will want to find out about your business and they will end up on your website. The first step in boosting your SEO campaign is creating high-quality posts.

Getting real Instagram followers is not easy but you can ace this easily by automating the main account activities including liking, unliking, following and unfollowing. It is the easiest way to start building your follower base and achieving SEO objectives.