How to de-stress and Luxuriate Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a restful space in your home and architectural philosophy present ample ideas to design it. People want their bedrooms to be healthy and relaxing. These centuries-old principles of architecture and design are still applied in some countries today. You can also use these in your bedroom to enjoy a calm and healthy bedroom space.

Leave the doorway free

The access to your room should be easy. The door that opens into the bedroom should be installed in such a way that it opens fully or at least 90 degrees. This would allow the fresh air to flow freely into your room at all times and keep the room well ventilated. When designing your bedroom, have some windows for fresh air and ask your carpenter to work on your door that hangs halfway while trying to open it.

Mind the details

Remember! Every single thing in your bedroom matters. Anything large or small creates its own impression in the bedroom. When you are adding anything to your bedroom, ask yourself “what would it bring to my bedroom?” When you are entering your bedroom, the first thing that should be in your mind is anything that gives you feeling of peace and comfort. Do away with your old mattress and get new king size bed dimensions. A good mattress is all that is needed for comfort. These small details are crucial in creating a feel to your bedroom. A family photograph, a painting, and even flowers are impactful and enhance positive emotions.

Declutter the bedroom

Decluttering is something that gives more to your room without even adding anything. In a way, by getting rid of things, you are adding space, peace, and calmness to the room. And it is not a choice, it is essential. Do away with the stuff under your bed, in your closet, and on your bookshelf. Unnecessary stuff brings stress to your life. It is good to organize areas that have accumulated papers, magazines, and books to help you create a sense of organization and order in the bedroom.

Position your bed to help energy flow

This may sound weird to many of us. But there is a logic behind this. Science says that positive energy flows from the north. Our blood contains iron, making our bodies magnetic and positive. When we sleep with our head towards the north, the two positive polarities repel each other. This not only disrupts the flow of blood, it also affects the sleep and health. So it is not just the mattress dimensions that matter for a sound sleep, sleep with your head towards the south and feel the difference.

Hang the mirror on side walls

If you place the mirror on the wall opposite the foot of your bed, it can disturb your sleep. Imagine, you wake up in the middle of the night and look in the mirror by chance, this could affect the rest of your sleep. It might make you conscious of your environment. If you want to enjoy your sleep, it is better to move the mirror to the side of the bed or cover it at night for a more restful sleep.

Soften the corners

The furniture in your room such as table, chairs, and stools have often sharp corners. It is advised on to sleep cycle in direct alignment with sharp corners. Sharp edge articles take the serenity out of your room. One solution to this is to place plants near them to reduce their negative impact. Plants can act as a barrier and radiate positive energy in your bedroom.