The element of dishonesty and fraudulence is unacceptable, no matter whatever the circumstances are.

The element of dishonesty and fraudulence is unacceptable, no matter whatever the circumstances are. It is not only harmful to others but also damages the personality of those who choose to cheat people. The shameful fact of today is that our students, who are the future of world, are completely corrupting their present and future by choosing the ways of cheating in order to pass and score well. They don’t understand that this might save them from temporary effort but will eventually lead them towards endless failure. We must focus on the ways which teach them not to cheat in exams and betray their parents plus teachers. This article will help you with that by describing 8 sources for students of learning academic cheating.

1.  Class fellows

The first way of learning to cheat during an academic period is by following class fellows who conduct this unethical act. When students see their classmates cheating during an exam and passing it with good marks they ultimately begin thinking that this might be the easiest way to achieve higher grades than studying with effort.

2.  Internet

Another way of learning academic cheating is the internet. The fact is that web search can make you a genius as well as a vicious person, it all depends on your priority. Students search for easy ways to pass an exam and end up finding surprising cheating methods.

3.  Television Shows

Television shows, such as dramas or high school shows, sometimes display inappropriate content which brings a wrong change in students. When they see some TV series which present a scene of students cheating during an exam, they adopt the same.

4.  Senior Students

Students also learn academic cheating through their senior students who tell them their tales of passing exams with no effort with higher grades. They describe several cheating methods to score well without getting caught.

5.  Friend’s Recommendations

Friends can be your biggest enemies as well! Yes, students might learn to cheat from their friends as every child thinks of a friend’s advice to be the best. When you don’t study before an exam and share your stress with your friends, they might come up with a cheating recommendation to pass the exam.

6.  Elders’ School-life stories

Elders i.e. parents and grandparents, might not think that their real life stories can bring some actual change in students’ personality. They share their cheating stories of school-life to amuse the kids but involuntarily teach them the ways to cheat in an upcoming exam.

7.  Game Cheats

When students play video games and apply game cheats to successfully pass the mission, they learn to do the same in real life to pass the difficult exams.


8.  Self-Directed Learning

At last, a person is his/her own best teacher. When students don’t prepare their exams properly and start stressing about it, their minds get active and give birth to some unbelievable cheating methods. In short, self-directed learning, in the last moments before attempting an exam, leads students toward cheating methods.


Author Bio

The writer of this article is Robert Sharp, who is an exam supervisor in a college and also conducts seminars in schools to teach ethics and morality Custom Help - Assignment Empire.