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   I mention to Leadership Graduate students about focusing in on their leadership capacity.

   I mention to Leadership Graduate students about focusing in on their leadership capacity. Challenging themselves and finding their strengths and in turn, working to strengthen their weaknesses in their on-going development tends to give them a more desired focus on their capabilities to lead.

Our capacity to lead comes from a foundation built on a number of personal pillars of life.  Family, social contact, religion, education, history, reading and stories.  How often have you been so focused on a story being told that all else that surrounds us in that moment-doesn’t compare or exist.

History and family and more times than not, are the basis for our traits, personality and characteristics in youth and maturity. Building on that foundation through many of the experiences we face furthers our resolve and reaffirms our capacity to respond with confidence.  Knowing how to respond and by what means we use in deciding is crafted in our beliefs and values associated with that foundation built by our families.

Our capacity to lead or follow lies in our desires to be part of the solution movement. Wishing to strengthen our ability to communicate, we become more collaborative and collegial, having discussions that promote both parties well-being.  Having the resolve in communication and the sharing of observations while inquiring on the particular issue that needs addressing and the personal drive to complete and compete.

A focus on our personality and style in addressing constituents and colleagues is an evolving part of our capacity to lead.  It invokes our ability to obtain results for the institution or self with or without the necessity of our own push for follower dedication or drive. This strength or focus on our personality addresses what we understand to be part of our character and how others, particularly our followers perceive us to be.  It’s what followers hold onto in order to continue supporting the leader in us.

Identifying problem areas, finding a number of solutions, applying one or more and then analyzing  the outcomes.  The steps found in identifying and resolving problems can be mimicked within our leadership capabilities in determining how to reinforce our value and increase the opportunities for a greater result from our less than stellar tools.

Do you exist today understanding what your capacity is?  The capabilities and opportunities within your leadership tool-box. The “tools” in your continuing development and self-awareness, to the myriad of internal opportunities that drive the value you represent to others.

Ask this:

  1. What main strength of mine is consistent within all social and work situations.
  2. Which task(s) do I dismiss more often than others?
  3. Could I follow a leader as well as I believe I can lead a follower?
  4. In a decade from now______________! (fill it in)


Our capacity for building on our delivery is evolving as we do more, read more, become highly engaged with people, ideas and discussions on the impact society has on the planet.  We need to realize that today’s generation is vastly different from the baby boomer, Gen X and Y and the ideas each generate and debate.  Those discussions we have sharpen or at least shed light on the need for leaders to continue to develop their capacity to lead as it does for followers to follow. Continue to build and,