4 best books on betting and prediction


Those people interested in sports betting, at least on an amateur level, try to improve expand their knowledge and implement new strategies https://bettingcasinoslots.com/10-no-deposit-slot-bonus/. One way to do this is to read more thematic literature. We offer a collection of books for sports betting and gambling, which can be useful for beginners and experienced players.

It should be noted that no book guarantees that after reading it, you will learn how to win colossal sums. They only provide information for reflection and some theoretical background.

Nate Silver, "The Signal and the Noise"

The author of this book is a professional baseball analyst who used his skills in various areas unrelated to sports. Thus, in 2012 Nate accurately predicted the results of elections in all US states separately.

The book "The Signal and the Noise" teaches us not only to bet it right but also to correctly predict the events. It's no secret that in some industries, even despite the abundance of data, it is not possible to predict what will happen next. There are also opposite examples: correct conclusions with a minimum of information. Nate Silver reveals all the details for success.

Michael Mauboussin, "The Success Equation"

The book tells what to look for when making bets. So, in the 50's the team "Real Madrid" five times in a row won the "European Cup", today's analogue of which is the Champions League. Today, no team can keep the cup twice in a row. This happens, in the opinion of the author of the book, because of the "paradox of skill". The level of the game over the past decades has grown significantly, and the difference between the strongest and weakest athletes is not as great as before. The role of luck also increases. About this and not only in the book of Michael Mauboussin.

Jack Houghton, "Winning on Betfair for Dummies"

The book is about sports betting for beginners. As an example, the betting exchange Betfair is used, but the conclusions and developments can be used in working with any bookmaker. The book features an interesting supply of material, tied to daily rates. Details of some of the professional techniques that for many players remain incomprehensible. Joe Peta, "Trading Bases: Wall Street, Gambling and Baseball"

The author analyzes all the factors that can influence the outcome of the game. This can be as starting conditions and composition of teams, and luck and luck.

On the rates, the author tells on the example of baseball. Peta is the author of his own system, based on the analysis of undervalued and overrated teams. Guided by the developed strategy, in the first year he made a profit of 41 percent.

George R. Miller, "Professional Player"

The book tells about the world of betting on the example of American football, but the basic knowledge and conclusions are successfully used in other sports. The reader will learn how to recognize a successful player and team, what factors influence the compilation of the initial forecast, how to assess motivation and home advantage.