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Why Do We Study Trends?

There’s nothing more earthshaking than going to college and spending four years on your degree then in the middle of your senior year hearing that the trend in education is away from your topic area.  How can that be?  I knew getting a degree in Communications would guarantee me a top paying job, until I read the paper and discovered the trend was technology and people with communication degrees were a dime a dozen.  Fortunately not all trend studies can dictate what happens directly to you, and there is always Graduate School. So, now I'm working at writing essay website and I'm happy. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we study trends?

Trends in college degrees help people have a realistic idea of where they will be when the get out and what kind of pay and employment options will be available to them. If you know that the competition for your degree plan will be really tight when you graduate, you can start to do things to distinguish yourself and your resume so you are tops in the running.  Trends also help you see if you are keeping up with others in your field and what areas of study they are combining to form their degree. 

The other reason we study trends is for the economic realities of the workplace. Simply put, it’s not always about us. Businesses want to know how many people will be graduating with specific college degrees so they can adjust their pay scale and need appropriately.  For example, when there are not a lot of students taking nursing, hospitals can prepare for a nursing shortage and offer incentives and recruitment perks to their employment packages. The college degrees of today are the workforce statistics of tomorrow. They are good to know. 

Trends in education, particularly in the field of college degrees, help us know a little more about the future. But the future is still a blank page. Hard work and determination can make anything possible.