How Hobbies Can Make You A Better Student

Sophia Clark Posted by Sophia Clark.

Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. 

How Hobbies Can Make You A Better Student

How Hobbies Can Make You A Better Student


When you’re a student, the mere idea of finding time for your hobbies might sound ridiculous. After all, when you need to juggle studies, social life, and sometimes even work, hobbies often doesn’t look like a good idea. However, they are more important than you might think.


Why having hobbies is important?


First of all, college often comes with lots of stress. And feeling stressed all the time is not simply unpleasant and bad for your health, both physical and mental - it could also make you less productive, make it harder for you to concentrate, eventually leading to your grades dropping. Therefore, finding time to release at least some of those stress is crucial.


Hobbies could be one of the most effective ways to de-stress. Doing something we really enjoy makes us happier, relaxes us well, and helps us recharge our energy.


Second, having hobbies - the right ones, of course - could benefit you in many other ways, including making you a better student. But before we move on to get into more details on that aspect, I want to clarify what does «the right ones» mean.


There’s a misconception some people do believe in - that hobbies are simply something that we like doing. But it’s not like that. You might like spending time on social media but it won’t be considered a hobby unless you create certain accounts there that you’ll start promoting simply because you like it (and still, it might look more like a business).


A hobby is something besides your routine tasks that you enjoy doing and that requires a certain level of prior learning and a certain time of polishing your skills. And only such hobby can benefit you during college years.


How can hobbies benefit you?


Just like I’ve already said above, hobbies help you de-stress. Even if you take a small break from an MLA paper style research and spend this time indulging in a hobby, you’ll feel much better. But this isn’t the only way you can benefit from a hobby.


The main benefit of having a hobby is that you need to gain a certain knowledge in the process. Which means that basically, you’ll learning something new in a comfortable way. The more you experienced you become in your hobby, the easiest it becomes for you to learn. Not only that’s a good thing - it’s a model you can apply to your college learning as well.


Also, hobbies could also help you understand what do you want to do with your life. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone: some are happy with leaving their hobby as a hobby only. But there are also people, who eventually realize that their hobbies are what they want to do for life - or, at least, these hobbies help them pick a niche where they would want to work in.


Hobbies also can improve the quality of your life, improving your self-perception and helping you find new friends. When you do something you love and see that you do that well (and that you’re getting better with that as time goes), this could boost your self-esteem and confidence greatly. And when you’re doing something specific, you can always try finding people that also like that kind of hobby. This applies to so many hobbies, from yoga to drawing.


So if you already have a hobby, don’t hesitate to find more time for it. And if you don’t have one, consider finding it. In any case, this would enrich your life and benefit you both as a person and as a student.