I Changed My Mind – I Don’t Want To Be Loyal Anymore

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I Changed My Mind – I Don’t Want To Be Loyal Anymore

“My loyalty to others runs so deep sometimes I betray myself.” ~Anonymous




There is a real possibility that I AM being Accountable to me first.

Most people would say that loyalty to others is as important as trustworthiness. I used to feel this way, and perhaps you do, too.

A few years ago, as I was recovering from a debilitating illness which kept me in bed for more than 2 years, I realized that my loyalty to others was the primary factor that led to my illness.

I had been loyal to a job that required me to travel often despite being unwell. I had been loyal to friends and accepted their requests for assistance…despite the fact that they did not reciprocate. (I just kept ‘turning the other cheek’ for the sake of the friendship.) It was so important to me to be a ‘loyal person’ to others that I did not have time or energy to be loyal to me.

In fact, I was so loyal to others and so committed to the accomplishment of their goals that it was as if I had adopted their goals as my own…and I got taken far off my own path and Purpose.

Getting back on track started with recognizing and acknowledging that I was treating others better than I was treating myself. And, as I lay in bed feeling utterly and completely drained of energy, I gave myself a choice:

Would I choose to continue to be more loyal to others or would I choose to put myself first?

I made the choice to put myself first from that day on. Which meant I was also choosing to be ‘trustworthy’ and ‘Accountable’ to be ‘loyal’ to me first.

I have to admit that it took a lot of practice to not slip back into my old habits…especially since there is so much emphasis on being ‘loyal to others.’ At the beginning I often felt selfish and self-centered each time I considered a request from another person to ensure that I was being Accountable to myself first before answering their request.

Eventually, though, I realized that the more Accountable I was to taking care of my needs and strengthening my wellness and doing activities that were in alignment with my true Purpose, the more ability, power and energy I had to help others who I was destined to meet on my Path.

And, now I am able to be both Accountable to me first and also loyal to others even more authentically and joyfully.

Now, it’s your turn to choose…will you continue to be loyal first to others or Accountable first to you?


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“I Changed My Mind – I Don’t Want To Be Loyal Anymore”