What Are The Most ‘Attractive’ Numbers To Focus On To Be Successful in 2016?

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What Are The Most ‘Attractive’ Numbers To Focus On To Be Successful in 2016?

Stacey Hall and Chi-To-Be

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. – Anne Wilson Schaef

Because it’s that time of year, you probably expect this blog to be about setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year.  And, you would be right….but, not completely. 

So, thanks for continuing to read on because there are numbers that are more ‘attractive’ to our success than others….and you will probably want to know what the are.

If your 2016 goals are focused on the number of sales you intend to make, the number of dollars you intend to receive, the number of trips you intend to take, the number of times you intend to work out, the dress size you intend to wear – you’ve got a great start!

Yet, there are other numbers which are far more important to focus on first if you intend to fulfill those goals.  These are the numbers that will make it possible for you to ‘attract’ the fulfillment of those other goals.

I learned the lesson of the ‘attractive numbers’ the hard way over the course of the past year.  Last January, I contracted a virus that developed into pneumonia and I was in bed for 9 weeks! 

As a result, all of my goals for the 1st quarter of the year went right out the window!

*Instead of focusing on attracting a specific number of new coaching clients, I was focused on my breathing oxygen levels.

*Instead of focusing on attracting more social media followers, I was focused on my blood pressure.

*Instead of focusing on attracting more opportunities to give presentations, I was focused on my iron levels.

At the end of the 9 weeks, when my lung capacity was fully restored, my iron level was restored, and my blood pressure was back in the normal range I looked and felt much more ‘attractive.’ I had more energy, my attitude was more positive than it had been in a long time, and I felt more enthusiastic about life.

In fact, I received feedback from my clients and friends that I sounded better, I looked better, and my energy was much more enjoyable to be around.  

The new focus of measuring my personal wellness numbers paid off in many more ways, too.

I began to attract new clients, new followers, and new team members more easily than ever before…so much so that by the end of the year, I had exceeded my revenue goals while continuing to also increase my wellness.

I invite you to take a moment to look at your 2016 Goals list now.  In addition to your sales goals, your education goals, your work-out goals, and your travel goals -- do you have a goal for your blood pressure, your cholesterol level, your blood sugar level, and your iron level?

These are the numbers that will make the biggest difference in how successful you can be in achieving all of your other goals!

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