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What Words Are Taking Up Space In Your Life?

Stacey Hall Posted by Stacey Hall, Author, Keynote Presenter, Strategies and Tools to Attract, Expand, & Retain Passionately Successful Teams, Chi-To-Be!, LLC.

Stacey Hall, as CEO & Founder of Chi-To-Be!,LLC, is known globally as "The Team Attraction and Retention Expert'  since creating the Strategic Attraction Planning Process introduced to the world in 2001.

What Words Are Taking Up Space In Your Life?

“If you fill a home, a school, or a workplace with words such as lazy, stupid and bad that is the behavior which follows, but if you use words such as courage, helpfulness, and flexibility, you are empowering those behaviors, whether in a child, an employee or a friend.”
— Linda Kavelin Popov, Author and Founder of the Virtues Project


What Words Are Taking Up Space

“There is a real possibility that I AM choosing words that create a more loving life.”


As you know from reading ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All, Energy Surge #6 is ‘The Power of Love.’

This particular Energy Surge has two chi-lifting components:
#1: The ‘Love, Love, Love 33 Ways System’ (intentional activities for letting others know we appreciate them)


#2: ‘The Appreciation Perspective Experience’ (intentional activities for appreciating our self).

When practicing both components of ‘The Power of Love’, it is essential to notice the words that we use when we speak to our self and to others …to notice which words lower our energy and which ones lift our chi.

One of the resources I use for practicing using chi-lifting words is a Virtues Acknowledgment’ designed by Virtues Project International. (http://www.virtuesproject.com)

Virtues Acknowledgments can be given to our self or to those we love.


Begin with an opening phrase (I acknowledge you for your…, I saw your …, you showed…, you used…,), then add a “virtue” (focus on one main virtue) and how the virtue is being demonstrated by the person (give as much detail as possible on how you see it being used in the present moment).

Example 1: “Harold, it was / kind / of you to pick up mother and take her shopping.”

Example 2: “Emma, you were really / patient / to wait for everyone to gather their information for the report.”

Example 3: “Beth, I see your / generosity / when you give of your time to work at the food bank twice a week.”

Example 4: “Greg, I honor you for your /reliability / in managing our work schedule for everyone’s benefit.”

That’s just how simple it is love, love, love using Virtues Acknowledgments.

What words will you bring into your space today to make it more loving?


Anoint Oil Drop
This is the essential oil I AM using today:

Geranium. Studies have shown that Geranium essential oil has an effect on the adrenal cortex and has many of the same properties as those of rose essential oil. It helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence. Available at http://staceyhalloils.com/index.php/essential-oils/essential-oil-singles *(For more information, scroll down to #4 below.)


1. Read Chapter 6 in ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All ‘ or Listen to the ‘Chi-To-Be! Basic Series CDs‘ for more Energy Surges and tips related to this Chi-Lift.

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4. For more information about the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils to boost your success, visit http://www.chi-to-be.com/yl-essential-oils or listen to my ‘AromaWellness in the Palm of Your Hand’ Podcast on the use of essential oils at www.talkshoe.com / Call ID 31423
*I use only therapeutic-grade essential oils – those that are labeled to be taken internally. This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Be sure to consult with your licensed physician. None of the statements regarding Geranium oil have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Be sure to read the label directions of your oil choice before using.

Thank you, again, for requesting to receive these Weekly Chi-Lifts. The burst of power will be released to you as you implement these ‘intentional activities’.

Ride the Chi!


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“What Words Are Taking Up Space In Your Life”