The world of gaming has always been fascinating.

The world of gaming has always been fascinating. Once considered only for children and teenagers, there is no age bar now as people of all ages look intoxicated by the games they love. Car racing, war games and first-person shooter are some of the most popular games. Among them, Counter Strike is one game which has a loyal fan base all through the years once it was released in 1999.

There are many lessons we can learn by playing any game and Counter Strike is no exception. The strategies we have to make in order to kill the opponents while saving ourselves not being hurt are one of the aspects that help us in our daily lives too. Some of them help us in personal task management and some of them in our professional life. Let me give you 10 entrepreneurial lessons that you can learn from Counter Strike and apply them for better results.

1. Manage your Financials Smartly

When you have only 1000 dollars to spend and also eliminate your enemies in the process it can be tough. But as you play the game over and over again, you learn new ways to smartly manage the amount you have. Through counter strike, you learn to save as well as manage limited resources helping you in your professional life as a manager.

2. Your Attitude towards Life will Change

Once you will involve in the proceedings of the game, it will dramatically change how you see life. Your attitude changes for the better as you value things that you lose in the gunfights in the game. Through Counter Strike, you can manage your routine tasks with more authority and will find ways that probably you won’t think of before playing the game.

3. The Dark Side of the Human Nature

Ruthless killing and bombing of enemy hideouts can be a real put off for some but you can learn valuable lessons from this aspect too. The notion that you need to outsmart your foes is what you do in professional life too; try to win the market share from your competitors. That’s exactly what you learn and can apply the findings as a manager / owner of a business.

4. Throwing Resources on the Wrong Weapon

Another aspect you master by playing this game is that of learning exactly what resources you need to have and at which point of time. Throughout the game you face various scenarios and you need to act quickly to buy weapons to save yourself or else, game over! Much like professional life where wrong decisions can spell doomsday for you.

5. The Dividends you get by Winning Each Stage

As you move forward in the game advancing through different stages, you get perfection in your game and can move on with full confidence. In professional life, this confidence can translate into real success in terms of getting the lion’s share of the business.

6. You don’t have Many Friends

Just like the real life where you face more competitors than friends, the game is also full of enemies. You need to get that straight and try to figure out how to move through different stages. As an entrepreneur, you will face rough seas as you will make few friends along the way, so you need to pull up your socks and depend upon your own abilities to thrive in the marketplace.

7. Ethics is a Rare Commodity

While initially in professional life, you do practice ethics and abide by some rules, in the game there is little ethics as you need to win by hook or by crook. If you will try to play a fair game all through, chances are that you will end up on the losing side. So in the business world too, you need to play according to the rules and practicing too much ethics can be harmful for you.

8. It’s a Volatile Business Environment

The situation can suddenly run out of hand in a matter of minutes in the game. And in the real life, you can be in hot waters in a few weeks or months based on your performance. So it’s a volatile world; you need to pay close attention or else you could lose the game.

9. Balance is Key

Keeping a balance in your strategies and the way you move forward is essential. Too much aggressiveness can be fatal for you in the game as you need to move forward keeping in mind where your enemies are located and the ammunition you have. So a balance approach is needed to win the game. In professional life too, a balance strategy can get you the results while any hasty decision can be deadly for your venture.

10. Plan Ahead

Just like the previous point, planning is essential in order to win the game. Counter Strike can be very much intimidating if you play it too casually. You need to act smartly and plan your moves way ahead. In business too, a manager need to pay full attention to details that can affect his decisions and that you learn from this game.

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