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Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters

What exactly is Cities: Skylines as a successor to SimCity 4 was not enough? Change of time of day and evening lights? Yes, drop it! Colossal Order added night views with a free patch with the first add-on After Dark . Maybe the daily routine from the add-on Rush Hour from Maxis ? And this in Skylines has already been delivered . Moreover, there was even a dynamic weather system. It received as a gift all virtual mayors, when developers rolled out a paid supplement Snowfallwith winter snowstorms and tram lines. But so far the game lacks one very important highlight, which was taken care of by the creators of the very first part of SimCity .

Dozens of hours of cultivation of the personal stronghold of civilization compel people to care for every street. Any spontaneous restructuring is painful. The city occupies a vast expanse, its services work as a folding mechanism, the inhabitants are happy. What would you do? Here and boredom. Maxis entertained us with a tornado invasion, earthquakes, meteorites and a monster attack. In the Cities: Skylines, only floods from a crooked dam could break the peace and order. No special effects and ecstasy catastrophes. Developers from the Colossal Order rush to fix everything by adding natural disasters to their product! 

If you recall, in the debut addition After Dark, we were disappointed by the sham character of night entertainment and tourism, and inSnowfall - permanent winter landscapes. Of course, there are several useful things there: beach and leisure zones, prison, taxi, public services, tram lines, bicycles and bike paths. Good help for a fan of urban simulators, is not it? But a dubious investment for those who are sometimes content with the original and just wanted to refresh the impression. When creating the Natural Disasters in the Colossal Order took into account their mistakes and arranged a spectacle for the masses.

The game screenshots in this review are made using the Color Correction LUT technology for Cities: Skylines , which allows you to significantly enhance the picture quality to your preferences. We take the neutral LUT-texture here and store it at this address - C: Users% UserName% AppDataLocalColossal OrderCities_SkylinesAddonsColorCorrections. In the game settings, in the "Graphics" section, set the corresponding "Color correction override parameter". After you make your screenshot and open it in a graphics editor. On top, place the LUT texture so that changes in brightness, contrast, and color affect both images. Then save the received LUT to the same address. On Steam Workshop you will find more than two hundred such settings from other players.

Natural disasters hold the mayor on the alert. He must carefully plan the structure of the city, develop a water drainage system and dams (according to the physics of currents), form a plan for evacuation of the population and ensure the safety of citizens. Just lived in Cities: Skylines ? Under the yoke of a permanent threat, the complexity of management multiplies. At any time, the idyll will explode with a dangerous natural phenomenon - and then the scale of destruction depends only on the work of rescue services.

You will be alarmed by seven natural disasters: a tornado, an earthquake, a tsunami, a meteorite fall, a soil failure, a forest fire and a thunderstorm. The latter bothers more often than others. A lightning bolt forms a foci of fire. One such somewhere on the edge of the map is easy not to notice. But he has a chance to rage with a giant flame and spread, not sparing the city buildings. From now on, it makes sense to form extensive networks of fire towers and dispatchers. Helicopters have been added to help them. But here's a snag - for scooping up water, aviation uses lakes. On maps without rivers and seas, it is necessary to create artificial canals and reservoirs, filling them with liquid from a pumping unit (the pipe sheds excess from the common system).

Misfortune never comes alone. With the approach of a thunderstorm, we should expect not only fires, but also wind amplification. Under certain conditions, a tornado is formed. Scales Fujita is not here - all the funnels on it pull the maximum at F4. But in fact, the power and duration differ, what the advance notice comes about. It's time to send the population to new municipal shelters. The storm is terrible and carries people, cars and splinters to the skies in a murderous waltz, leaving behind only ruins and blockages. Here, thanks to the developers for their attention to one very important detail: complex and beautiful streets, scenery and trees are gradually restored in their original form.

Do you remember how in 2014 a monstrous crater formed on Yamal ? And this is another kind of disaster in the Natural Disasters . Karst dips are widespread everywhere and are formed due to subsoil erosion by groundwater. It is impossible to forecast, fight or hide. Unlike fires and tornadoes, in this case all infrastructure in the disaster zone breaks down. Well, the scale is local - you can just sympathize with the dead, make a pit and make a park. But the earth brings misfortune and bigger.

Change the landscape to the unrecognizability of the earthquake. The sensors of seismic activity will mark the epicenter, after which the mayor should take people out of dangerous terrain with the help of the evacuation route tool to the shelters, check the provisions and the filling of the fresh water tanks, prepare rescue services for the debris analysis. If there is a sea coast next to it, then the earthquakes will certainly provoke a tsunami. The giant wave is no longer a decoration - it flushes entire buildings, demolishes cars from roads and kills people, leaving behind flooded areas.

No less problems will deliver a meteoric blow. But to the primary destruction is added and an explosion, the power of which will be compared to an atomic bomb. Detonation carries cars and people all over the area. Fires, tsunamis, total crisis ... Enchanting spectacle. Then on the screen there are vanities of emergency response services - helicopters extinguish flames, rescuers with dogs rescue people from ruins, lower sewage level, engineers-sankers ... There is no need to bore. In addition, along with the addon in the original game came scripts. Several examples are devoted to natural disasters. As in the fourth issue of SimCity , the Cities: Skylines interface has a built-in analog of the "god mode" with the possibility of causing catastrophes - as entertainment.

Addon Natural Disasters worth a tangible 349 rubles - a little less than the game itself. Adds, in addition to natural disasters, air transport for all emergency services, shelters with evacuation routes and the mechanics of accumulation of provisions, weather stations for early warning, an element of early death of people, a strategy for rebuilding the city and so on. Now in Cities: Skylines even more content than the AAA-class SimCity game offered in 2013 for a higher price. We must not forget about the active support of the community in terms of creating modifications. For example, there already appeared a plug-in with floods from long rains. After an unsuccessful addition After Dark and questionable Snowfall studioColossal Order took the right course. 

Pros: natural disasters gave the game dynamics and raised the level of complexity; new flood effects - from slight inconveniences to residents to complete destruction of buildings; spread of fires; helicopters drop emergency response services to hard-to-reach places; rescuers to rebuild buildings and clear the ruins eliminate the need to demolish the ruins of the bulldozer; different methods of rehabilitation of the city and infrastructure.

Cons: there is not enough wear on the communal economy, the explosion of the nuclear power plant with a leakage of radiation and other man-made disasters; in SimCity (2013)the animation of the collapse of buildings was more interesting; It is unclear why the storms with wave surge and hurricanes were abandoned (the game already has the strength and direction of the wind).