Global warming has reached a crisis point

James Garrison Posted by James Garrison.

James Garrison is the President of State of the World Forum, a non-profit institution with a global network of leaders dedicated to developing a more sustainable global civilization.

Global warming has reached a crisis point.

Global warming has reached a crisis point.  If unaddressed, rising global temperatures will trigger dramatic increases in extreme weather events and cause the oceans to rise, threatening all coastal cities, displacing hundreds of millions of people, and destroying thousands of species.  At the very most, we have about ten years to act before natural forces spin out of any human capacity to control events.

Make no mistake: this will impact you and certainly all of our children.

The urgency of global warming mandates that each and every one of us become climate leaders. For the first time in our lives, indeed for the first time in history, all of us must take responsibility for our climate, whether at the individual, community, company, institution, state, or national level. We are all responsible for global warming. We must all share in the leadership required to solve it, for nothing less than the fate of human civilization is at stake. The crisis is that stark, the choice is that clear, the leadership required is that urgent.

If we rise to this challenge, if we take climate leadership, we will generate climate prosperity and climate justice because it is precisely our capacity to solve our greatest crisis that affords us our greatest opportunities for growth within the context of sustainability and alignment with natural systems.

The 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign is designed to empower you to take action, to join with others similarly concerned, and to create models of climate leadership around the world which can show the way to reducing our carbon emissions by 80% by 2020, which is essential to stop global warming.

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Your future and the fate of our civilization is at stake.  Please join us.  Every person counts.