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Gmail.com Sign in Features

This article is packed up some of the unique qualities and advantages of Gmail. Prior to the creation of the Gmail Account you need to know the following characteristics :

1. Gmail Drive For Free Storage :

The very best and most significant visible feature of creating Gmail support is the reality that Google possesses it plus which are extravagant at Business. So, because of that reason they have designed a great additional support along with the www.Gmail.com sign In that is G Drive to surplus additional more storage cloud service from Google. You are facilitated with the free storage of 15 Gigabytes and you are able update more than that later as much as 30 Terabytes.

2. Class Labels :

The Mailbox Tabs currently updated with labels on the basis of category enabling. You can personalize your individual Gmail Emails on the basis of preeminence.

3. Selecting Personalized Themes :

One can able to customize their Theme after www.Gmail.com signin, apart from the HD Traditional themes. You are showed up with more than 30 styles that are accessible. You can also able to upload your own themes in your Google Account.