Neighbor disputes are a major problem.

Neighbor disputes are a major problem. Some people are just sadistic enough to make their neighbor’s lives
miserable. On many levels, living next to a vicious neighbor can be awful. Your neighbors from hell can affect the value of your property. They can also threaten your well-being.

Thankfully, there are ways to handle them.

1. Be a good neighbor
It means you need to get to know each other. Knowing them well enough can help build trust and understanding. Keep in mind that issues are likely to arise among strangers.

2. Document the issue
You must document any issue or problem every time it comes up. You need to keep notes of time and date. If
you can, take photos. By documenting it, you can evaluate the severity of the problem. When you’re looking
at it, you may not consider it as a big issue. Or you may find a solution. Now, when you need to approach your neighbors, you have the information to back you up. And if worse
comes to worst, you have details that you can show to the authorities.

3. Be open about the issues
Your neighbors may understand what’s been bothering if you tell them. Be open about it but don’t be aggressive. When you talk to them, however, make sure that you stay calm, even if they’re not.

4. Consult with a lawyer

If you’ve talked to them, but it didn't pan out, you can start consulting with an attorney. Attorneys can recommend legal action. Unfortunately, this resort can cost you hundred dollars. That’s why you must make
this as your last resort.

5. Use a mediator
Getting a neutral third-party may also help. But ensure that the organization is experienced in handling disputes. It can succeed in areas where you can’t. However, this option is only useful if your neighbors are willing to talk.

6. Talk to the cops
If you’ve done everything but with no success, you might want to call the police. You can explain the issue and show to them the notes you’ve made. However, they can’t do much about it unless the neighbors broke some laws. So, if your neighbors make excessive noise or are involved in illegal activities, call the cops.

7. Make a petition
Talk to your other neighbors. It’s highly likely that they, too, are having issues with them. Speak to them and voice your concern. From there, you can start a petition. But you must state the specific issues you have and results that you request. Have your neighbors signed it. Gather as many signatures as possible. Then, you can present the petition to the community or the town’s leader. If you’re living in an apartment, you can show it to the landlord.

8. Take the issue to small claims court
Another way on how to get bad neighbors to move is to take the matter to court. Before you do so, you must
do your homework. That is, lay out the issue and present your evidence. You need to gather evidence No matter how bad your neighbors are, you need proof to show to the authorities, landlord or leader in your
community about how rude they are. You need this evidence if you have to call the cops or ask the court to
intervene. It’s the only way to help you resolve the issue with your neighbors from hell. The evidence will give you
leverage when you go to court or mediation. For instance, if the issue is noise, you must keep a diary of it and write down the date and time when they’re loud. Then, make sure to back it up with sound recordings. As mentioned earlier, you can go to small claims court as an option. If you’re going to use this option, you need proof that you can use in small claims court. It’s an option you can take if you’re seeking money for the damages, like diminish the value of your property or house. Now, if the issue is about unleashed dog or they improperly parked their car, you could take photos or capture videos so you could make your case.

Handling neighbors from hell can be difficult. The law about troublesome neighbors can be complicated. Each case is unique. But these smart tips will give you ideas on how to handle them without landing yourself in trouble.