Being Buddha At Work

    How can you hold onto your calm, compassionate self in the midst of workplace stress and clamor?

    Beating the System

    Would you like to figure out how to outsmart bureaucracies to get what you want?

    The Best of the Thom Hartmann Program Volume II (Audio)

    Historical perspective on ripped-from-the-headlines current events.

    Boards That Excel

    How can board members help organizations excel?

    The Best of the Thom Hartmann Program Volume I (Audio)

    American democracy's historical roots and present imperiled health.

    Branded Customer Service

    Can you get a competitive edge by making customer service a delightfully branded experience?

    Building a Win-Win World

    Is there a form of globalism that's less like economic warfare?

    Business Partnering for Continuous Improvement

    How can you make everyone involved in your BK Business a true partner?

    Capitalism 3.0

    Working Assets Co-founder and successful journalist Peter Barnes details a revolutionary market-based approach to “upgrad...

    Career Intelligence

    Would you like to self-market better, and develop in advance the skills employers care about?

    Brilliance by Design

    Do you want to engage the people you're speaking to in a way that brings out their inherent brilliance?

    Built To Love

    How can you create products and services which really connect with a customer's emotions?

    Bringing Your Soul to Work

    How is it that so much activity can still leave one empty? How can one live straight from the soul?

    Breakdown Breakthrough

    How can professional women achieve success without sacrificing the things that are important to them?

    Campaign Boot Camp 2.0

    Do you want to run for office, advocate for a cause, or win a public policy issue?

    Business Ethics

    How do we determine right and wrong in the business world?


    Would you like to know the inner principles that drove a humble fishmonger to greatness?

    Claiming Your Place At the Fire

    Richard Leider and David Shapiro helped hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people discover the true purpose of the...

    Changing How the World Does Business

    Would you like to know how FedEx fought its way to success, despite all obstacles?

    Change Is Everybody's Business

    How can people come to realize their own power to support, stymie or redirect change?

    Choosing the Right Thing to Do

    Would you like a guide for navigating complex moral choices?

    Citizen Wealth

    Do you think working people should be able to build a future that extends beyond paying next month's rent?

    Changing Business From the Inside Out

    Are you an environmentalist wondering how you can change your company's policies?

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