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Jamie is an inspiration partner and lantern-holding guide for her fellow transformation leaders, change catalysts, and creative nonconformists who are exploring and navigating the "fierce edges of Life" and "Being (and Seeding) the Change" in these transformative times.

She's the creatrix and curator of Sophia's Children - Timeless Wisdom for Living & Leading the Transformation, which had its start as an early social media online forum in 2005, and migrated to the blog platform in 2006.

In 1992, she founded her long-running Ivy Sea Communication & Change consultancy (and its award-winning site, Ivy Sea Online) which, after 20 years gave way to a new cycle of Wisdom and Transformation work.

Her former consultancy's web presence, Ivy Sea Online, was chosen early on as a content partner for Inc.com and was recognized by Harvard Business School, About.com, Entrepreneur's Edge, and other conscious enterprise, leadership, and personal development sources as one of the best Internet sites for small-enterprise owners, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders.

Sophia's Children has garnered a loyal niche of followers and ambassadors since she launched it in 2006, and has since become a primary vessel for her work.

The author of Big Vision, Small Business (Berrett-Koehler), Jamie weaves both ancient and contemporary timeless Wisdom into living and leading in these wild modern times.

Learn more about Jamie and Sophia's Children here.

You'll also find Jamie on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Big Vision, Small Business

Do you embrace a different notion of success than simply growing bigger?

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