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Terry Hawkins


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Terry Hawkins grew up in a large family in suburban Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. After a challenging childhood and teenage years, Terry became driven to achieve in her career. Her early promotion to the position of training coordinator for a major fashion retailer unleashed a love for helping people achieve their potential. After much success as an employee, Terry took the plunge at the age of twentyseven and opened her enterprise training company, People In Progress. In 1989, with $167, a card table, and an old computer held together with a rubber band, Terry established her training company People In Progress Global (now with offices in Australia and the U.S.). Terry quickly gained a reputation as a talented and results-achieving business educator, assisting companies in their sales, service, and leadership transformations. 

Her passion for understanding people and their behaviors, and her ability to simplify the most complex theories made her a favorite both as a trainer and as a highly soughtafter keynote speaker, speaking on performance, overcoming obstacles, and strategies for sustained change. 

Terry’s career as an author began in 2006 when she published her first book, NOW & TOO LATE! in response to constant requests from her audiences. She followed this with her children’s series, which offers sage advice for children in the challenging areas of obesity, divorce, difference and racism, and disabilities and cancer. Why Wait to Be Great? It’s Either Now or Too Late! is the newest addition to the collection. 

When not on the road, Terry lives in Los Angeles with her two teenage sons, Harison and Jackson. While Terry expands her Australian training operation, People In Progress Global, into the United States, she also continues her successful speaking career. She is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy, and hypnotherapy and holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) level with the National Speakers Association, an accreditation held by only about 10 percent of speakers worldwide. Having won numerous business, speaking, and service awards, Terry continues her quest to make a powerful, positive impact on the human condition. 

For more information on People In Progress, visit: www.PeopleInProgressGlobal.com

Why Wait to be Great?

How do you get past what's holding you back and embrace the power of your best self?

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