10 best books for beginners and professional photographers

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    1) Photography Foundations for Art & Design written by Mark Galer

    The book covers almost all aspects of photography: from the artistic value of images to the processing of completed images. The main advantage of the publication is a large number of exercises for photographers after each section. By performing them you can increase professionalism as you read the book and polish your skills.

    2) The complete guide to digital photography: the art of creating successful images written by Michael Freeman

    Despite rather generalized title, the book turned out a great material. It is written in accessible language with lots of examples from the author. This is literally the alphabet of the modern photographer with which you should start to delve into art. It teaches to be not just a technician but also develop the personal artistic view of to make photos with meaning and emotions.

    3) A New History of Photography Volume I - Michel Frizot  

    Another wonderful book about history, covering the times from the origin of automatic drawings to pictorialism. The book was created with the involvement of the best historians and scientific research. The work rethinks many sample approaches to art.

    4) Expressive photography by Tracy Clark

    The book contains more than 230 photos with a detailed analysis of technical and compositional techniques along with an overview of the methods and tools used by the worlds best photographers. the reader will learn to see interesting objects, to build a coherent composition great to take astonishing pics even on "point and shoot" camera and to efficiently edit photos.

    5) The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes  by Joe McNally

    The author of the book is the world-famous photographer from the USA. His main talent is the ability to work with light. He knows how to describe, what form to give it and how to control the lighting. The master can create optimal lighting conditions even using a standard hot shoe flash type. There are a lot of personal arguments and examples in the book that will be useful to all photographers.

    6) Wedding Photography Field Guide: Michelle R. Turner

    The book reveals the secrets of creating great wedding pictures. Examples of 350 photos with detailed technical and compositional analysis are given. A lot of secrets and professional photoshop plugins using tutorials included.

    7) Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop by Scott Kelby

    The most popular modern author of manuals for photographers reveals several techniques for working with the auto photo editor for processing images. In particular, readers will learn how to work with portraits: smooth the skin, create luxurious lips improve eyes eyelashes and eyebrows, eliminate skin defects, retouch photos while preserving naturalness.

    8) Model, The ( A Book of the Problems of Posing ) by William Mortensen

    The author does not limit his students and does not fill their heads with prohibitions and dogmas. He only points to the most frequent mistakes and teaches to look at the world in a new way. If the photographer discovers this talent in himself he will avoid many mistakes when working with the model and will be able to work in any style.

    9) Digital Landscape Photography by Michael Frye

    After reading this book, you can learn how to take really breathtaking landscape pics. The author teaches to work with, lighting, color, describes in detail all modern methods of landscape photography and gives more than 300 illustrations with a detailed look. As a Bonus- you will receive the most complete collection of professional secrets from modern photographers.

    10)  The secret of digital photography written by Michael Freeman

    This book is a real finding for the novice photographer. It provides accessible language tips on exposure and composition, gives the definition of the basic terms and describes how to handle the specific techniques.

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